Blockchain Unchained BANGKOK: The Evolution

Blockchain Unchained BANGKOK: The Evolution

Dear Cryptoenthusiasts and Blockchain buddies!

We're back! This time with a new theme and a promising line-up, flying over from different continents, aiming to deliver THEE benchmark for blockchain events.

The entire theme is based around “EDUTAINMENT”. You will be EDUCATED from some of the top blockchain experts but we also focus on ENTERTAINMENT as well by having fun quizzes and prizes to win such as goods, drinks etc...

Temporary SCHEDULE (subject to minor changes and additions)
18:30 - 19:00 Greeting and Pre-Event networking
19:00 - 19:10 Welcome + Icebreaker
19:10 - 19:35 TontineTrust: The Evolution of Pension/ Retirement Funds"
19:40 - 20:00 Expert Panel Discusson: "SCALABILITY & MASS ADOPTION"
20:05 - 20:25 Swissborg: The Evolution of Wealth Management
20:25 - 20:30 Wrap-up, Quiz & Thank-you
20:30 - 21:00 Networking/ drinks

During our previous event in Tokyo on May 9th, we were privileged to receive expert panelists working with IOTA, ETHEREUM, CARDANO, blockchain researchers from Tokyo university and former finance professionals from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and more...

So we will also be gradually adding our local experts as we confirm.

We will be adding more details as we go and will have a people cap so make sure to smash the attending button to secure your spot!

Stay TUNED Crypto Enthusiasts!


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