05 August 2018 15:00 - 06 August 2018 00:00
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Charity concert to create awareness about the high uses of plastic bags which resulted in the high wastes and pollutions, affecting many environmental concerns. As Thailand becomes the 3rd largest country which releases plastic wastes into the sea. The promoter’ aims are to provide indie/underground artists to perform while at the same time play for a cause to advocate against the uses of plastics which have negative impacts on the environment. 

Rock4Sharks is intended to advocate that the sea and marine animals in the country can also be indirectly endangered by all of our increased consumptions of plastic bags. 

Artists participated 

1. Falling in Between
2. Plagued Pits
3. Defying Decay
4. The Rocket Whale
5. Cana
6. Tragedy of Murder
7. Nobuna 
8. Ex and Oh (Banana Record)
9. The Darkest Romance 
10. Tantra 
11. Jimmy Revolts 
12. Annalynn (Wayfer Record)

Event Venue: De Commune, Liberty Tower, Sukhumvit 55
Event time: 1500-2400pm 
Event Entry fees: 250/ (all sales deducted costs to be provided for “Project Koh Sak”, found by Dr. Wayne Phillips, Mahidol University International College) 
Freebies: get a free Shark Cool Bite (limited supplies)
Event Theme: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

No plastics allowed in venue.


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