Bangkok Ventures Executive Course on Digital Disruption Readiness

Bangkok Ventures Executive Course on Digital Disruption Readiness

Bangkok Venture Club

Executive Course on Digital Disruption Readiness

Digital Disruption as Opportunity to Transform Companies

Disruption is in full swing across sectors and has gathered significant pace.  Digitally-driven market change is quickly gaining the attention of C-level executives and deemed worthy of board-level attention.  The pace of disruption is accelerating across industries because of faster digital technology innovation cycles, an explosion of well-funded start-ups, and the emergence of technology giants.

The majority of top executives say the risks of digital disruption are high, and many are already feeling the impacts.  They report a high level of risk to their organization over the next five years from technology-driven disruption by startups or innovations by incumbent companies.

There are many threats – and opportunities – facing businesses in this age of digital transformation: industry disruption from nimble startups, economic pressure from massive digital platforms, evolving security threats, and emerging technologies.  Today’s era calls for bold individuals who set their company’s vision and charge ahead in a time of uncertainty, ambiguity, and boundless opportunity.  

Digital Disruption Readiness for Executives” is aimed as a primer for executives to:

  • Understand the impact of disruption and learn about how a new generation of companies are leading disruption in today’s business world

  • Explore how organizations are fostering innovation to foster ahead of competitors

  • Grasp the opportunity for cutting edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality/augmented reality, internet of things, 3D printing, blockchain, etc. to change the future business landscape

  • Utilize digital and social marketing tools to engage with a new generation of consumers

  • Use e-commerce and social commerce to expand into new channels to reach retail consumers and business clients

  • Familiarize yourself with the tools and frameworks used by startups in the process of disruption

The Bangkok Venture Club is Thailand’s leading angel investor group, comprised of over 500 leading business executives, VCs, CVCs, accelerators, incubators, academics, government officials, universities, etc.  From 2014, the Club has been a platform linking these varied individuals and groups with innovative startups from Thailand, around the region and the world.  We host our Screening Committee meetings twice a month and General Meeting once every two months.  The Club is also part of the 8 country ASEAN Angels Alliance.

* Sessions will be conducted in Thai

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