Crypto Beach Conference Thailand

Crypto Beach Conference Thailand

Cryptobeach Conferrence

The organizers of Crypto Beach Thailand has arranged a seminar to put anyone who interested in Blockchain onto the topic, “The use of cryptocurrency in everyday life”, which aims to provide knowledge to all participant. So they are prepared for business opportunities in the future. The seminar will be held on September 29, 2018, from 1 pm to 6 pm at Ocean Naga (Longbar Patong), Patong beach, Phuket. This is going to be a new place of blockchain community in the future, named “Crypto Beach Thailand”


September 29, 2018

Session 1 Education

13:00-13:10 Overview and the important role of the current digital money.

13:10-13:20 Patong is welcome and ready to go to the digital era. By Patong Mayor

13:20-13:40 What is Crypto Beach. By Mr.Puntil Jongjittrakul (Cryptobeach&Skuberg)

13:40-14:20 Basic knowledge about digital money. By Mr.Satang from CryptovationX

Session 2 Crypto Law

14:30-15:10 Thai laws of the digital money and ICO. By Nao from SEC Thailand

15:10-15:30 Q&A about digital money laws. By Mr.Sanjay Popli From ICORA

Session 3 Panel discussion

15:50-16:25 Talking about the digital money and ICO in the future.

16:25-16:40 How can digital money be used?

16:40-17:00  Q&A section.

By Mr.Sanjay Popli (ICORA), Mr.Kim (Bitcoin Addict), Mr.Satang(CryptovationX), Nao(SEC Thailand)

Session 4 Crypto in Global market

17:20-17:40 Digital money in the global market from the co-founder of the exchange that has the highest volume in China By

17:40-18:00 The future of digital money in the global market. By Bitkan

18:00-18:20 Investment perspective and funded by VC. By Mr.Chris(Chain Funder)

Session 5 Conclusion

18:20-18:30 The direction of digital money in the global market and Conclusion

Session 6 Dinner and Networking

18:30 Dinner and Networking

19.30 Talk about how to built crypto community. By Mr.Perapong Jitwiwatn ( and Mr.Puntil Jonjittrakul(Cryptobeach&Skuberg)

Session 7 After Party

21.00 After Party


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