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Discover The Secrets of Your Brain Power (Memory Conference)

24 November 2018 09:00 - 25 November 2018 17:00

2 Days International Memory Conference

by World's Guinness Record Holders

Dave Farrow, David Thomas & Howard Berg

LIVE in Bangkok

Your mind is the most powerful computer in the world, but most people do not know how to tap into their mind's potential. Learn Brain-Based Learning Solutions For 21st Century Knowledge-Management DISCOVER HOW YOU CAN DOUBLE YOUR LEARNING RATE & TAKE CONTROL OVER YOUR COMPANY’S INFORMATION CONTENT. Maximize Your Company’s Bottom Line Using Cutting Edge Learning Strategies We truly believe that Memory is the foundation of all skills. 

Most people that believe they have a poor memory merely have an untrained memory. Using the simple memory techniques, you will learn in this seminar, you will improve your memory by developing a system to store important bits of information and - more importantly – you will be able to access them on command, anytime or anywhere you want to.

You Will Learn:

  • Deeper understanding memorizing concept
  • Unlock your brain power potential
  • A series of memorizing activities and applications
  • Personal Mental files, just like Einstein
  • Training modules to develop your daily brain power and storage expansion
  • Recall names, give speeches without notes
  • Increase your sales, multiply your business
  • Proven techniques to think like Einstein
  • Triple your Memory Power
  • How to stay focused under busy and stress conditions
  • How to develop a laser sharp memory to retain and recall information when you need to use it

You will get a world-class Certified Program from our Top Speakers. They will show you how to conduct classes using their memory-expert techniques to improve your memory and a great number of tools you have never seen before in any seminar! 



Take your Career to the next level... 
Open New Doors of opportunity, Stand out from the crowd
Sign Up Now to Become a Certified Memory Specialist

Don’t let another day go by without tapping into your own unique memory skills. You do have it! You just need World Top Experts to help you release the power of your memory! For more information on this Memory Master Class please contact us. These series of Seminars are organized by AIM inlines, AIM Training. 

This is your lifetime opportunity to meet personally with World Renowned Speakers & learn how to use this system to train your mind to access and retrieve information just like your computer. After you complete this seminar you will be able to store data in your memory for retrieval later.

  • You can become an effective manager when you remember all of the management processes
  • You can become a visualized, strategic thinker: when you remember all of the details
  • You can become an effective leader when you remember all of your team member's names & profiles
  • You can become the number#1 salesperson when you remember your client details & presentations


  • CEO's & Managing Director's
  • Online Sales
  • Sales & Marketing Directors
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Business owners
  • Stock Broker & Financial Advisors
  • Outside sales reps
  • Hotels/Motels/Hospital's Employees
  • Credit Card Sales Reps
  • Any Consultant & Trainer's
  • Insurance agents
  • Insurance Sales Representatives
  • IT consulting sales
  • Network Marketing Professionals
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Police, Immigration, Army,
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Media & News Reporter's
  • Convenience Stores
  • University faculty & students
  • Boutique Stores
  • Speakers & Trainers
  • Administrative staff
  • Artists

Register Now for Mega Conference:http://bit.ly/2MyrhKa


AIM Inlines together with AIM Training, will be organizing 
"MEMORY CONFERENCE" with 3 Guinness Record Holders
in Bangkok, Thailand for the First Time on 24-25 NOVEMBER 2018.

For more information on corporate training, please contact us.

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Available until 23 November 2018 17:00
Available until 23 November 2018 17:00

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