PARK DAEWON First Date Fanmeeting in Bangkok

PARK DAEWON First Date Fanmeeting in Bangkok

Are there anyone miss Park Daewon?

If you are the one that miss him, You won't be disappointed.

The special event with Park Daewon will happen soon


 Don't miss out on intimately meeting with the idol you love
and get many special privileges.

Ticket Price: 4,000 / 3,500 / 2,500 BAHT

Showtime: 3:00 PM (Door Open 2:00 PM)

Rules & Regulations

1.   Photo, video, audio, visual recording and live streaming through any channels are NOT allowed.
***If violation occurs, we will delete the images, videos and audios then ask the violator to leave the venue immediately and the ticket price will not be refunded. 

2.   Selfie monopods, cameras, video cameras, polaroid cameras, tablets (with over 7 inch screen) and other records devices are NOT allowed in the venue.

3.   Light Stick bigger than 30 cm., all light or LED plates, Paper bigger than A4, Cloth bigger than 20x80 cm. and Banner are NOT allowed. (EXCEPT the approved Fan project)

4.   Folding chair, mini ladder, balloon sticks, balloon, balls, whistles, horns, megaphones are NOT allowed in the venue.

5.   Paper bag larger than A4 size are NOT allowed.

6.   Food and beverages are NOT allowed.

7.   Alcohol beverage, drug, weapon, edge tool, explosive and other dangerous items are NOT allowed in the venue

* Sales of unauthorized items are strictly prohibited within the venue of the concert.
* We will have the deposit point for you to deposit electronics devices. However, we are not responsible for damages of the devices. Therefore, we recommended you not to bring them to the venue.
* Ticket prices does not included PVC card 50 Baht.
* Price not include VAT.
* Some fees may be applied.
* Ticket is non-changeable & non-refundable.
* We reserve the rights to change any conditions without notice.

Ticket Price

Name on the ticket must match with ticket holder’s ID card or passport.
Organized by
Soulmate Daewon