Melbourne specialty coffee

Melbourne specialty coffee

Melbourne speciality coffee

by Mr.Zin

Melbourne have a particularly coffee culture and also process to make coffee. We’re so proud to shearing our experience and bring every visitors into the Melbourne coffee culture.

Work Experienced in Melbourne coffee industry Discuss about career as a barista in Melbourne.I’d share about brewing idea,work processing,extraction and team players at Deadman Espresso.The old school cafe in heart of south Melbourne.

Admiral Cheng ho,Monk Bodie Drama & Disciple Coffee roasters

"How Admiral Cheng ho,Monk Bodie Drama step up to be the best cafe in Melbourne.What is difference from another roasters. We so proud to present the process of Disciple coffee and how them brewing and roasting coffee.

Cupping Coffee This is the very special of all.After learning Visitor will get a very special experience to cupping ten of single origin from Disciple coffee.

10 Lists of origins

- Panama Perci - Panama Juliette - Kenya Ngugu-ini - Kenya Gakundu AA - Colombia Tabi Natural - Columbia Juan Ortega Chilli Bourbon - Ethiopia Mormora Guji - Ethiopia Guji Qilenso - Ethiopia Mitiku Shanto Guji - Ethiopia Alumu Baketo

Special gift Visitor will get one free welcome drink. - Single origin of Brazil Bom Jesus


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