[Talk] หัวใจแห่ง “ความยั่งยืน” คือรากฐานของชีวิต

[Talk] หัวใจแห่ง “ความยั่งยืน” คือรากฐานของชีวิต

Respect the nature.
Respect human beings.

What truly is sustainability?
Open your minds and learn the way of "sustainability".
Exchange your thoughts in a friendly environment.
Small changes in daily life can become a huge impact
and you will learn many more ways to view this world.

When we respect, we will love and preserve for the future.
Experience new perspectives about the environment
through the dialogue about the local's culture and wisdom.
Book in advance : [Free] 40 seats.

About Mr. Chatchawan Thongdeelert :

He has worked in the civic movement for the past twenty-five years and has founded prominent civil society organizations, including the Northern Social Development Workers' Network and NGO-COD, a national coordinating body of regional civil society networks. He has gained widespread recognition for his work, including an Ashoka Citizen Base Initiative award for enlisting support from artists and writers for the Community Loves the Forest group. Chatchawan is a prolific writer and speaker in Chiang Mai, where he lives, and across the country.


Location : (8th floor) THE KANNAS, Chiang Mai 
 08 December 2018 at 13:00 - 16:00
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