[Workshop] ศิลปะการตกแต่ง “ดอกไม้ออแกนิคกินได้”

[Workshop] ศิลปะการตกแต่ง “ดอกไม้ออแกนิคกินได้”

From organic agriculture farm to beautiful dishes.
Mr. Wilat will bring you the art of flower decoration on your plate.
Not only releasing nice aroma, but all petals are "edible".
Discover and learn about beauty and colors from nature.
As well as exchange experiences from over 10 years of organic agriculture.
Guaranteed by the Thai Select Award and Quality Product of Chiang Mai.

Location : (1st floor) THE KANNAS, Chiang Mai 
10 December 2018 at 10:00 - 12:00
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K.M.Tomyam Co.,Ltd.