Yashoku - Bangkok’s first night brunch [Sat 24 November 2018]

Yashoku - Bangkok’s first night brunch [Sat 24 November 2018]

Yashoku - Bangkok's first night brunch

The hottest venue in town is all set to turn things up a notch, join ZUMA for Yashoku,  Bangkok's  first  night  brunch. Literally translated as ‘Midnight Snack’, Yashoku combines  all that ZUMA Bangkok is known for, exquisite flavours, top quality drinks, a magnetic atmosphere and more, providing the Saturday night scene with a prime spot to kick off the  party right in the heart of the city. 

Yashoku will be the place to be on Saturday night, join us for night full of fun! 

Saturday : 24 November 2018  

Admission:  free  Table  booking  from  7:00pm  


free-flow served between 7:00pm and 10:00pm
- food,cocktails, beers 2,354 baht per person
- food, bubbles, wines, sake 2,942.50 baht per person
- food, bubbles, wines, sake, cocktails, beers 3,295.60 baht per person
- the chosen package is applicable for the whole table

to start
- white miso soup with spring onions steamed edamame with sea salt (v)

small dishes and snacks
fried softshell crab with wasabi mayonnaise italian tomato, ginger dressing, mizuna (v)
tuna tartare with miso wasabi and lotus crisps crispy fried squid, green chili and lime spicy fried tofu, avocado and japanese herbs (v)
gyoza selection seared salmon with lime shiso soy sliced yellowtail, green chili relish, ponzu and pickled garlic steamed spinach with sesame sauce (v)
-seasonal vegetable tempura homemade pickled vegetables (v)

sashimi / nigiri sushi
chef's seasonal selection

maki rolls
softshell crab, chili mayonnaise, cucumber and tobiko
california, with crab meat, avocado and tobiko
salmon and avocado, tenkasu and kizami wasabi
zuma kappa maki with cucumber and avocado (v)
vegetarian with shiso, cucumber, red onion and carrot (v)

robata grill
grilled sweetcorn with lime and shiso butter (v) chicken wings with sea salt and lime yakitori skewer with baby leek pork belly with yuzu and miso mustard beef with soy, garlic ginger and chilli salmon teriyaki skewers with pickled cucumber sweet potato with teriyaki glaze and sesame (v) shiitake mushrooms with garlic ponzu butter (v)
pork ribs with bbq sauce

additional signature dishes (750 each)
miso marinated black cod wrapped in hoba leaf spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, red chili and sweet soy jumbo tiger prawn with yuzu pepper

fresh fruits and dessert skewers

(v) vegetarian all dishes are designed to be shared any beverage not listed above will be added to your bill all prices are in thai baht and subject to a 10% service charge for information on any allergen and dietary requirements please ask your waiter for assistance  

Condition : Non refundable - the same package must be chosen by all the guests at the same table


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Organized by
Zuma Bangkok