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Predictive Analytics and Data Science Conference

Predictive Analytics and Data Science Conference will be in Bangkok, Thailand on May 27-28. This 2-day conference will be at National Innovation Agency. The conference consists of 5 workshops and 15 PAaDS sessions. The workshops, for example, are Hadoop using Cloudera, Tableau, Rapid Miner and R programming, while 15 sessions focus on of Analytics in HR, Marketing, retail and medicine as well as some advanced analytics topics such as Real Time Log Analytics, Machine Learning in Image Processing, Text Mining and Natural Language Processing etc. 

 Date/Time    May 27-28 , 2016 8.30 am - 5.00pm

Place            National Innovation Agency 

By                 Data Cube and  Data Science Thailand


                                                                    Sponsor by 



Day 1 - Workshops *

  • Design your Data Science Career Path Workshop (1 hour)
  • Hadoop Workshop using Cloudera ( 1 full day )
  • R Programming for (Young) Data Scientist ( 1 full day )
  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling using RapidMiner Studio 7 ( 1 half day )
  • Data Visualization with Tableau ( 1 half day )

Day 2 - Workshops *

PAaDS Concepts and Application 

  • Predictive Analytics in Banking
  • Marketing Analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Precision Medicine and Data Science
  • Bioinformatics
  • Predictive Modeling in Manufacturing
  • Risk (and portfolio) Management
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Practical Data Science

PAaDS Advanced Topics

  • Real Time Log Analytics
  • Machine Learning in Image Processing
  • Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data Analytics to Enhance Security

ร่วมกันสร้าง Data Scientist คนไทย และ พัฒนาระบบ Predictive Analytics ให้กับประเทศไทยกันครับ

To encourage Thai People to become the Data Scientist, and to enhance the capability to develeop Predictive Analytics in Thailand





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