11 Day Goddess Yoga Teacher Training

11 Day Goddess Yoga Teacher Training

Goddess Yoga Teacher Training

Goddess Yoga provides tools to help and empower women to handle the challenges of the modern world . For wild feminine , you will go through total immersion of uniting with the 11 days within.You will learn various transformation techniques that will also help open the gateway to female fertility and great health . The program combines ancient yoga practices with modern meditations and holistic techniques ,making it a unique blend targeting body,mind and soul.

Things that you will learn
-Unleash the hidden potential and ignite the feminine fire.
-Mantra Chanting .
-About 5 bodies.
-Energy work to harmonise emotions.
-Regulating the mind for grounding and creativity.
-The nuances of organic living and healthy diet management.
-To improve your relationships .
-To grow personally and contribute globally .
-The business of yoga.
-Develop a habit of meditation .
-To embrace the womb power into everyday life.

What's included
-200-hour Yoga Alliance certification training
-10-night accommodation at Akyra Thonglor Bangkok
-Daily vegetarian breakfast and lunch
-All-day refreshment (water, herbal drink, coffee, tea)
-Learning materials and modules
-Meditation, pranayama, and mantra chanting
-Prayers materials if needed

      Venue : Akyra Thonglor (Thonglor soi 8)

About Angeli Jagota

Angeli Jagota is a Yoga Alliance registered international teacher trainer and author of the widely acclaimed, bestselling book on spiritual sexuality - The Intimacy Protocol. She is a versatile yoga professional, a renowned holistic innovator, life trainer, an articulate wellness counsellor, 
a spiritual philosopher and a certified kids yoga specialist. For her unique women empowerment initiatives such as Goddess Yoga Teacher Training, Womb Healing, Soul Mapping and Fertility Yoga, Angeli is often lovingly addressed as 'Eve-Angelist'. She has been actively conducting women empowerment-centric practoyoga programmes, workshops, trainings, retreats and seminars. In these events Angeli has been helping womenfolk heal their bodies, turbulent relationships, infertility issues, emotional breakdowns, mother-child issues and family planning among a plethora of other issues. 
Angeli simplifies problem-solving in life's day to day situations - across genders, across age groups, across nationalities, across social statuses, across faiths, across all discriminatory boundaries drawn by man.

Others Dates of the training:
14th-24th March 2019
4th-14th May 2019
28th August-7th September 2019
4th-14th October 2019
20th-30th November 2019


I went into the training with an open mind and an open heart, I ended up learning so much and changed into a brand new, improved person at the end of the course. Really wish to learn those powerful life changing techniques sooner! Now for the first time in my life I am connecting with my body & the creative female energy within me. This course has turned me into the best version of myself so far! I  am feeling greateful, inspired and motivated to continue to improve, practice and share my knowledge with all the ladies! Thank you Angeli for your empowering guidances!! - Nara



So I love every day for my yoga teacher experience, everyday Angeli has something new and I really like it because she is not rush into the yoga posture ,she takes couple days to get to know you to make sure you feel relax and feel comfortable with her and one point I really like is before you can give knowledge or guide other people we have to  be able to guide yourself and being clear of who you are so that make this yoga teacher training different from the other places .Here is not about asana and pose ,it’s all about connecting with mental health and your spirituality .Everything in one place in 11 days .Everything is worth it, Come try ! - May

The Goddess training is highly recommended, I feel that we never know the power within us then I doing this course I found how powerful of the power and then we can help others to relize this power so it’s really nice , Angeli had made this course, such a nice balance between meditation, clearing chakra , yoga asana and feel clear the pelvic space and sacral chakra activated and then she do aura scan to see before and after.Energy and everything is so beautiful .Highy recommend  - Shareen

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