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Fabric Painting course

This short course is a fine balance of fashion, design, craft and home furnishing application and production. On this course the student will be introduced to the main techniques of pattern design and painting, and gain an insight of the key processes and production methods of fabrics, materials and textiles (Linen and Thai blank silk ), as well as the importance of sustainability in painting, stencil and dyeing. The course also looks at how creative research assists in the development and creation of original artistic drawing, color manipulating and surface embellishments for the fashion, art and product design industries.


Professor Takeshi K. N.

teaching experiences at Instituto Marangoni in Italy and Parsons Mumbai. He also worked with Max Mara and Calvin Klein Jeans. Takeshi holds a Bachelor of Design in Fashion awarded by RCDC in Australia and MBA degree in Design, Fashion & Luxury Goods Management from University of Bologna in Italy.

Qualification : no qualification

Course description

- 16 study hours within 4 weeks, 4 hours per week*                                     

- 20, 27 January and 3, 10 February 2019 (Sunday)  9 am. - 1 pm.

* Limited seats for learning quality

Price : 7,800 baht

Asking for information :

Tel. 02-741-3717

or more details : https://www.chanapatana.com/course/fabric-painting/

cidi, art, design, painting, fabric


General Admission
Available until 10 February 2019 13:00

*Some fees may be applied

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Chanapatana International Design Institute (CIDI) was founded in 2000 by Buddhist Monk Phra Viriyang who sought to elevate the standard and potential for local design by granting Bangkok-based creatives an opportunity to learn, launch, and strengthen their brands. With our team of international instructors ranging in region from Germany, to Spain, to Italy, and Macedonia the CIDI community offers a competitive advantage in terms of original and well-rounded design instruction. We concentrate in offering diplomas for Fashion Design and Interior and Product Design.

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