Exclusive Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar workshops

Exclusive Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar workshops

Jolly Phonics Course Content:

  • Take you step-by-step through the Jolly Phonics method, including the 5 key skills required for literacy.
  • Learn how to teach progressively throughout the programme and gain lots of practical ideas, advice and useful teaching tips.
  • Find out how teachers have been using this programme in schools and the difference it has made to their students.
  • Lots of practical ideas and activities that can be used in class or at home will be presented and rehearsed.
  • Discover how you can further develop children's knowledge beyond phonics to improve upon and expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills.  

    Jolly Grammar Course Content:
  • Building strong literacy skills and how to ‘bring it all together’.
  • Extending the use of  Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar  levels 1-3.
  • Grammar songs, games and activities.
  • Beginning strategies for written expression.
  • Successful spelling tips and hints.
  • Stages of reading and comprehension strategies.


  • Who Should Attend?  The Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar courses are designed for parents, educators, teachers, school headmasters, native and non-native speakers to teach phonics to young learners and enables them to become successful readers and writers.

·         Course fee: 5500THB per person per day.

·         Limited seating available.


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