UNZIP ครั้งที่ 1

UNZIP ครั้งที่ 1

What’s an UNZIP EVENT?

UNZIP is an event which is open for those who interested in sharing their ideas, knowledges or experiences to propose their topics. The proposed topic does not have to be serious or even related to computer or technology things. You can come either as a group or individual. If you want to share something, just come.


We want UNZIP to become an idea-sharing space, which everyone can meet and exchange their ideas. They can find and talk to those with similar interests. We also want to stimulate all attendee’s curiosity and their enthusiasm to learn new things.

Want to become a speaker in UNZIP?

We are accepting proposals for the topic until Feb 26, 2019. The proposed topic must not be contrary to the law or in high risk to become so. The speaker must be able to cover the topic in 20 minutes speaking time. The speaker can speak in either Thai or English.

Who can attend this event?

All KMUTT students, staffs and everyone who are interested in this event.

Ticket Types

Speaker Ticket

This ticket is for those wish to attend as a speaker to share their ideas or experiences with us. If you select this ticket, there will be a form for proposing a topic you wish to speak about in the next step. We will also request some additional information in order to contact you.

Attendee Ticket

This ticket is for those wish to attend to listen to the speakers only. If you select this ticket, there will be a form requesting some additional information in the next step.

Donor Ticket

For those who wish to attend and support our work. You can fill in the amount of money you wish to support on the ticket buying page. All funds received will be used to support the event organising expenses as well as saved for the next opportunity to hold this event again in the future.

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