ITIL Practitioner / Continual Service Improvement Meetup

ITIL Practitioner / Continual Service Improvement Meetup

ITIL Practitioner / Continual Service Improvement Meetup


It is important to understand that knowledge of ITIL good practices alone does not guarantee the success of IT Service Management (ITSM) initiatives. ITIL practices need to be “Adopted” and “Adapted” to the specific circumstances and requirements of the organization. But how is this done? How do you ensure that your ITSM approach will deliver real business value? And, how can changes and improvements be sustained over time with minimum risk and the highest likelihood of success?

To answer these important questions, come to learn more and discuss about it.  Join the first time get together of ITIL practitioner in Thailand. Find out the detail below.

What you will get

- Learn about ITIL Practitioner training that relevance to the IT Service Management community.

- Understand the ITIL Practitioner Guidance book and certification. 

- Meet other professionals, be a member of the community to share knowledge, find opportunities, and establish yourself as an authority figure in the field. 

This event is free of charge. Seats are limited and available on a first come first served basis.

About speaker

Gonzague PATINIER is an accomplished IT service delivery and business development manager with 20 years' experience in the software and service industry in the South East Asia region with practice spanning the sales and delivery process of IT best practices, management and application solution. 

  • Gonzague is interested and motivated in enabling people and organizations on their transformation journey by challenging the status quo, taking calculated risks and leading with innovative and inspired ideas. 
  • He holds the ITIL Expert certification and is accredited to conduct training, workshop and business simulation in project and service management.
  • His interests for 2016 include process improvement, MOOC, Games/Gamification and long distance running.

Who should attend

IT management role seeking to take the knowledge gained from ITIL, adopt, adapt and apply it successfully. Such as Director, AVP, VP, Project Manager, Operations or IT Infrastructure Manager, Quality Assurance, Business Relationship Manager, Process Owner, Change Agent, IT Department, Division or Group Manage.

About Sponsor

Network Training Center (NTC),  a leading provider of computer networking, IT management, and professional skills training located in Bangkok, Thailand. NTC has trained more than 15,000 customers while it offers more than 230 IT training and professional training courses since 2004.


                    6.00 pm        Welcome Guest and register

                    (A little something to eat and drinks are provided.)

6.30 pm         Presentation

                     ITIL Curriculum

                     ITIL Practitioner Guidance

                                    - Guiding Principles

                                    - Continual Service Improvement

                                    - Metrics Communication

                                    - Organization Change Management

                     ITIL Practitioner Course

8.00 pm        Open discussion / Networking session

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