global diversity CFP day (Bangkok) 2019

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global diversity CFP day (Bangkok) 2019

global diversity CFP day

Are you a member of an underrepresented or marginalized group?

Have you always wanted to become a tech conference speaker?

Let 2019 be the year that you make that dream a reality!

Save the date - Saturday 2nd March 2019


We want to see more people, from more diverse backgrounds, speak in tech conferences.

global diversity CFP day (Bangkok) is a free 1-day workshop on public speaking, with a goal to help increase diversity of tech conference speakers.

This event will be held all around the world on March 2nd, 2019.

In the event, we want to help people who are new to public speaking to put together your very first tech talk proposal and share your own individual perspective on any subject of interest to people in tech.

For the Bangkok workshop, It would take place from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. At Pronto Tools.


We will cover topics such as:

  • What topics should I talk about?
  • How to write a self-introduction and a talk proposal?
  • How to structure your talk’s content?
  • How to create a great talk slides?
  • How to prepare yourself for the day of your talk?

We will have experienced speakers to:

  • give you a warm, inclusive welcome in a safe space (see: Code of Conduct)
  • mentor you with your proposal
  • provide speaking advice
  • and share their enthusiasm to get you to the stage!

The Organizing Team

We are experienced speakers and volunteers wanting to help improve the diversity in tech!

  • Thai Pangsakulyanont

    Reason for being involved in workshop: Want to see more speakers from Thailand, both locally, and in an international stage.

    About Thai: JavaScript musician?????

  • Pallop Chaoputhipuchong

    Reason for being involved in workshop: I wanna make this happen by organizing it in Bangkok, Thailand.

    About Pallop: My name is Ham. I'm a web developer, who passionate to bring joy to people. I'm actively involved in the Thailand tech community.

  • Sudarat Chattanon

    Reason for being involved in workshop: I like to share my experience about talking in public especially for the tech events and I also want to help people to be brave to propose their idea and confident. So let's have fun together!

    About Sudarat: Happiness Software Engineer @ Pronto Tools. An organizer @ Girls Who Dev.

  • Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna

    Reason for being involved in workshop: Public speaking is one of the best way to share knowledge as well as to receive feedbacks on your knowledge.

    About Unnawut: Software Engineer at OmiseGO. TED Translator. TEDxBangkok Organizer 2015 - 2018.

  • Antira Loachote

    Reason for being involved in workshop: I'm interested to talk about tech to present with tech people and business people, I like communication about tech. I hope to see more speakers.

    About Antira: I'm Pan. Frontend Adventurer @Prontotools

  • Phoomparin Mano

    Reason for being involved in workshop: I'm interested in mentoring the attendees and helping them with the storytelling process and writing the proposals for tech conferences, especially if it's their first time writing a proposal.

    About Phoomparin: A 17 y/o software developer at OmniVirt. Passionate about building products and fostering communities to enhance people's lives with technology.

  • Yothin Muangsommuk

    Reason for being involved in workshop: Just want to share my experience when submitting CFP and share experience on Python community about this

    About Yothin: Yothin is a Pythonista at Pronto Tools.He has been writing Python since 2010 with love on Pythonic way and the zen of Python. While he not doing Python stuff he's a Trekkie.

  • Kan Ouivirach

    Reason for being involved in workshop: I'd love to share my experience as a tech/conference speaker and hope it will be useful to the audience.

    About Kan: Lead Software Architect @prontotools. Passionate in software engineering, data science, and data engineering.

  • Iñaki Villar

    Reason for being involved in workshop: Helping to the community to share my experience as speaker and developer

    About Iñaki: Android Developer since 7 years ago. I worked with Bank apps in Spain for three years. Later I moved to Ireland to work with apps of Airlines and GSM carriers. Actually, I’m living in Thailand working for Agoda. I’m Google Developer Expert and I enjoy being involved with the Android community.


This event is bilingual (we speak Thai and English). However, there are some video contents that will be in English only.


Our venue is sponsored by Pronto Tools.

Code of Conduct

To ensure a safe environment, everyone must agree to our Code of Conduct. If you want to report a violation, you can contact the local organizers during the event, or report it directly to the global team.


General Ticket

If you are a member of an underrepresented or marginalized group, you are most welcome to join this event.

Organized by
The Stupid Hackathon Thailand