LaBrassBanda “Around The World 2019” @ ChangChui Creative Park

LaBrassBanda “Around The World 2019” @ ChangChui Creative Park
March 3rd will see the Bavarian punk brass band perform in Thailand for the first time on their Around the World 2019 tour.

LaBrassBanda ,the world-famous, 7-man strong band from the Chiemgau area of Germany, brings every concert hall audience to their feet!

Their style is a wild mix of modern Bavarian folk music, ska, punk, techno, reggae, jazz and, of course, brass. So many different sound components produce a result that is so unique and special that it doesn't matter whether you understand the Bavarian lyrics or not!

In 2017 the band celebrated their tenth anniversary with the release of a new album "Around the World" and a six-week world tour that won them countless new fans across five continents.

Whether in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Brazil, Morocco, Portugal or Bavaria, the musicians are at their very best in their live performances.

LaBrassBanda are back on world tour again in March 2019 and their first stop is Bangkok!

LaBrassBanda is clearly one of the most successful brass pop bands in the world. What started out as a revolution in the south of Germany, had already won over the whole of Germany by 2013 and meanwhile, half of the world! The band - always barefoot and clad in leather trousers - already has two gold albums and has given over 1,100 concerts worldwide since its formation 12 years ago.
The Goethe-Institut Thailand and ChangChui Creative Park are delighted to be presenting this successful German band in Thailand for the first time.
The artists
Seven band members:
Stefan Dettl - vocals, trumpet
Manuel Winbeck - trombone
Manuel da Coll - drums
Fabian Jungreithmayr - bass
Stefan Huber - tuba
Jörg Hartl - trumpet
Korbinian Weber - trumpet


* This event requires attendees to be at least 18 years old.

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