Transform Your Business Seminar

Transform Your Business Seminar

Bring real quality back to your business instead of just more paperwork

The complete, proven, step-by-step system to create lasting competitive advantage through real quality 

As a former student of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, I learned amazing lessons through his 14 points. These lessons changed my thinking about business management which enabled me to enhance the quality and growth of my company CoffeeWORKS.

In the course, I will guide you through Dr. Deming’s 14 points using simple explanations and practical examples. You will come to understand the core of Dr. Deming’s revolutionary ideas through my insights and my real-life cases. The course has helped many students, mostly business owners and managers, transform their companies and pivot towards high quality and sustainable growth.  I am sure you can be one of them!

Start transforming your business today!
I have designed this course to incorporate what I learned from Dr. Deming and my experiences as a co-founder of CoffeeWORKS. By attending you will get results, rewards, and returns:

  • Results – Learn to think about your business as a “system”, which will reveal how your management team has focused on the wrong things. This awareness will help them deliver breakthrough results.
  • Rewards – See how the traditional way of rewarding high performers is holding your company back from lasting success. Knowledge of this will encourage real teamwork and cooperation, making managing your company more fun and rewarding.
  • Returns – Understand Dr. Deming’s solution to help employees stop repeating the same mistakes; employees will start solving problems to create your sustainable competitive advantage to generate lasting returns.
By attending this course you will also get access to the Transform Your Business Community, where you can:
  • Meet like-minded people and get support from the community
  • Ask questions about specific issues and get insights from me and other members
  • Access answers to frequently asked questions 

Don't just take my word for it!
Here's what some of my students say

Andrew helped me to see a different approach to business and management. His discussion of Dr. Deming’s 14 Points is great for anyone in business, entrepreneurs, managers or anyone open to outside-the-box thinking.
– Jerry Gonzales, Senior Vice-President.

          Andrew has an influential style. His teachings are based on real-life application from his own business with an emphasis on 'What works best' for each business. Not a one-size-fits-all approach. We can always learn new approaches to business or improve beyond where we currently are no matter how good we think our business is. It is when we stop being open to new perspectives and ideas, that we stop growing.
– Daniel Remon, business owner. 

          It’s engaging, yet challenging. He asks you to think and consider the ideas as they can be applied to yourself. His delivery is clear and concise. I would definitely recommend the learnings because it makes you think outside the box, take a look at management from all levels and learn how to raise the bar for your company as a whole.
– Lucy Thorpe, Senior Executive. 

          Using real case studies makes it easier for the student to understand.
– Chattana Nilparuk, business owner. 


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