Art After Work: Self-Care in professional world

Art After Work: Self-Care in professional world

Fancy a cool-down art making and socialising after work ?

Come join us!

We provide drop-in art activities and mental health self-care tips for anyone who finds their day at the office to be too stressful for words. Whether you wanna talk about it or you don’t, we’ll help you use art as a tool for mental maintenance, with or without words! No art experience required, we have an instructor who would help make your day better.


Workshop Agenda
In a professional working environment full of hustle and bustle, we understand that it’s hard to take a time off for yourself. We believe in the therapeutic quality of art making as the growing research results has shown that the engagement with the arts and creative activities can have a vital role to play in developing and improving the condition of mental health and wellbeing. Like nutrition and exercise which keeps the body healthy, creativity is key in maintaining a balance of self-esteem and life satisfaction which is vital for the function of biological and psychological mechanisms. Art making also facilitate creative problem solving solution, improve communication and provide positive social interactions which are all valuable skills to have in work environment.
Many corporation worldwide are paying more attention to the ‘wellbeing’ of their employees. Our workshop aim is to create a space, within working environment to use ark making to relieved stress and as a space to practice mindfulness, exchange and discuss self-care tips, expectation management within the professional world.
** The workshop is divided into two groups which the participants could choose from at the entrance. If they want to engage in a group discussion they will be directed into individual art making session. They will have guidance into creating a self reflecting image which will be use in a group discussion at the end of the session. The other group who opt for non-discussion will be making a giant mandala in the other corner of the room.
** Session will be running in both Thai and English
Friday 15th March 2019
5:30pm - until you fell better (…9pm actually)
@wecosystem, Gaysorn Tower 2, 9 Fl

Joining fee : 350 THB (with snacks and art material)
Bring your own boost !
Organised in Partnership with SCENESPOT
Facilitated by Kriskamol Vutithum


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