Creative Writing for Startups: Essential toolkit for efficient business writing

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Creative Writing for Startups: Essential toolkit for efficient business writing

"Creative Writing for Startups: Essential toolkit for efficient business writing"

This 2-part workshop will give you special new writing tools that you will practice both in the workshop and by yourself. The toolkit consists of new ways of exploration (the stories already ‘sleeping’ inside your own mind), our ‘emotional impact’ tool, our ‘adventure play’ tool and our special ‘efficiency tool’ which can also be used for other tasks in your business and your life.

At the end of the second session, you will have at least one finished 400-word text to use in your startup and the tools to write many more, with a lot less stress and in a much shorter time.

Dates: Two-week workshop, Saturday, May 16 & Saturday, May 23

Time: 1-4 PM at HUBBAThailand

Course agenda

Session 1, Saturday, May 16 - 1-4 PM: "Assemble your toolkit"

1. Exploration tool (inside your own mind)

a. What do you want to say?

b. Where do you find the stories in your mind?

c. Who do you want to talk to?

2. Writing skills through play ‘Adventure play’ tool

a. Different kinds (genres) of writing

b. Find highlights and lowlights

c. Discover skills you never knew you had

3. Write the first draft of three 400-word texts with our special superefficiency tool

a. The dream behind your startup

b. What do you want to change in your customers’ lives?

c. How do these two dreams connect?

Session 2, Saturday, May 23, 1-4 PM: "Apply the toolkit"

1. Write to connect

a. Write the next version of your draft with our ‘emotional impact’ tool

b. Write the next version of your draft with input from the workshop buddies

2. Find your strongest point

a. With the help of our ‘emotional pressure points’ tool

b. With the help of your workshop buddies

c. With our special efficiency tool

3. Finalise at least one of your texts and test it

a. Efficiency test

b. Style test

c. Emotional impact test


1. A basic understanding of English is required for this workshop, but you can write in any language.

2. Make sure to bring your writing device such as laptop or tablet; it is a must!



Anette Pollner is the leader of the Bangkok Women’s Writers Group, and co-author and editor of the short story collection ‘Bangkok Blondes,’ 2007, still a Thai-English language bestseller. In December 2014 a second collection, ‘Monsoon Midnights’, will come out. Anette writes a regular

column in the Big Chili, and has won several novel and essay prizes. She is published by a big name publisher in the UK under a pseudonym. Her stories and articles are published in the US and UK, including by Cleis Press, Mergers and inquisitions, and MarieClaire. She has been featured as a local author in Thailand and Malaysia, and been interviewed by BBC UK and the London Guardian.

During her 15 years in London she studied and later taught creative writing at the City Lit and City University, as well as at the Arvon Foundation and the Groucho Club and was a regular reader at the London Poetry Society. Anette also leads the famous ‘Introduction to Working with Dreams’

workshops in Bangkok. In her ‘first life’ she was a theatre and opera director.


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