Digital Transformation Certification - Action Items

Digital Transformation Certification - Action Items

You have been hearing these buzzwords - Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, AI and more. These new technology trends will have disruptive effects on enterprises - some will falter, while some will adapt, transform and grow. The fact is, very few people truly understand these new technologies – what these trends are about, how these can be applied and what are the possible implications for the organization. For enterprises to remain sustainable and to grow, they need their people to be equipped with the knowledge at every level of the organisation.

 Digital Transformation Certification (1 day)

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  28 Mar 2019      |   Enroll Now

 13 May 2019      |   Enroll Now


 09.00 am - 05.00 pm


 English class By Certified Instructor


 Network Training Center (NTC)

 List Price:

  15,000 baht (exclude Exam)  Special Promotion only 12,750 baht
Exam is an optional price 1,800 Baht per head


 1) Manual
 2) Exam Tutorial
 3) Lunch & Coffee Breaks
 4) Attendance Certificate

Digital Transformation Certification (1 Day)

To address this vital knowledge gap, EPI has developed the Digital Transformation workshop. This workshop will benefit anyone in the business world, both in IT and non-IT roles. It will provide you with the knowledge about digital transformation and the possible application into all areas of a business. 

The benefits to you:

  • Understand digital transformation and its impact on the future of your company and industry
  • Gain solid insights in technology trends such as Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), its benefits and drawbacks, and the possible applications.
  • Strategize Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT)

Target Audience

This workshop is perfect for companies that want to work better with digital technologies and need a bit of direction to focus their energy. You may be:

  • An organisation that is looking to modernise internal processes and systems, to make them more efficient or future-proof.
  • A business that feels like it has fallen behind in the use of technology and wants to set a future strategy.
  • A consumer-focused company who’s wanting to use technology to better support customers’ experiences.
  • A digital agency, solution developer/provider, IT consultancy, who wants staff to learn more about the new technologies and to be able to better support clients.
  • Someone who wants to learn new skills and ways of thinking about digital, to apply to your work environment.
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