Deploy microservice with kubernetes (Continuous delivery hands-on 2 days workshop)

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Deploy microservice with kubernetes (Continuous delivery hands-on 2 days workshop)

This workshop you will learn how to think and design your development workflow and hands-on workshop using kubernetes based on microservice architecture . Learn how to build, ship, deploy at scale, rolling update and rollback these applications without service down time with hands-on trainings units.

After this workshop, every participant should be able to design, roll out a simple applications with docker and kubernetes.


Developers, Software architects and Operation engineer or everybody who is passionate in automations.

Workshop Format: 

In this instructor-led with assistant, Classroom training, discussion and hands-on workshop.

Training day: 8-9 June BE 2562

Tuition fee:  10,000 Baht for 2 days (breaks and lunch included).

**สถานที่สำหรับอบรม เป็นห้องเรียน classrom ที่ สถานีรถไฟฟ้า อุดมสุข (300 เมตร)

Module 1 : 

The DevOps philosophy and Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) principles

  • Understanding concept of microservice though Kubernetes (Service Discovery, Replication Ingress, Scaling Microservices, Self Healing)
  • Continuous integration/delivery essentials

Module 2 : 

Overview of the Docker and Kubernetes Platform. The life cycle of a containerised application.

Dive Into Docker!

    • Manipulating Containers with cli
    • Building Custom Images Through Docker

Onwards to Kubernetes!

    • Container App with Kubernetes
    • Maintaining Sets of Containers
    • kubernetes networking

Module 3: 

Design and Planning development workflow. Build and shift application.

  • Creating a Production-Grade Workflow
  • Building a Multi-Container Application
  • Dealing with multiple Services (Nginx, Frontend, backend services)

Module 4: 

Infrastructure as code & Deploying applications on Kubernetes platform

  • A Continuous Integration Workflow
  • Multi-Container Deployments using Jenkins
  • Security, Rolling update, scalability on multiple services 


Hands-on (workshop) (**เต็ม**)

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