Pink Cloud Festival 2019 - MINIBUS TICKETS

Pink Cloud Festival 2019 - MINIBUS TICKETS

Going solo or with your friends? Ride to and back from the festival with us. The convenient minibus service! 


- What is the size of the minibus?

Those will be 12-seater minibuses.

- Where can I find the bus going to the festival?

The minibuses will depart Tops Market's parking lot in RCA (click to view map). We will have staff at each station with a Pink Cloud Festival sign.

- How many minutes is the ride to the festival?

From Tops Market's parking lot at RCA will be a 40 - 50 minutes ride (37km).

- Where can I find the minibus going back to Bangkok?

The minibus will depart from Ket Prapha Temple and drop you back at either RCA. We will have staff at the temple with the pick-up/drop-off location sign. View the pick-up/drop-off location here. There will be returning minibusses from 11.30pm - 01.30am. The returning time back to Bangkok is flexible.

- If I missed my minibus, can I use my ticket for the next round?

For all the departing trips to the festival, your ticket will only be valid for the minibus time you bought. We can try to fit you on the next round if there are seats, but we can not guarantee this. However, for all the returning trips to Bangkok, your ticket is valid for any minibus between 11.30PM - 01.30AM. Minibuses will leave after it's full.

- Can I buy a minibus ticket at the festival?

Because all of our minibuses are pre-booked online, we will not have additional minibuses waiting on the day even if you want to buy. We would advise using Grab instead. There will be a Grab special promo code.


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