Latte Art workshop By Caleb Cha (2015 World Barista Championship)

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Latte Art workshop By Caleb Cha (2015 World Barista Championship)

Latte Art Workshop
by Caleb Cha (2015 World Barista Championship)

Date : 22/23 july 2016 (one-day workshop)

Time: 9.00 - 17.00

Maximum 10 person/class

Fee: 12,000 baht

(lunch, sweet and workshop package included)

***We offer discouts 1,000 baht those who are interested. please click send codelatte***

Venue : W Districk (Sukhumvit 69)

Class will be though in English and Thai

**Special Class 24 Jul 2016

Basic Training / 09.00 - 12.00 น. / 6,000 baht

Advance Training / 13.00 - 16.00 น. / 7,000 baht

    Caleb Cha is a Korean barista who gained his fame in melbourne, Australia, where he obtained the 1st prize for World Latte Art of year 2015, Competitors from 36 countries around the world participated in the event. He entered this competition in the "Free pour" and "Etching" categories He amazed other competitors and the judges with his unique, never-seen-before Latte Art technique called "The Caffeinated Zebra" The judges were astonished by his performance and mentioned it was their first time seeing a zebra on Latte! In this competition, He also created Latte designs called "Love Triangle" and "Flirting Peacock." These three masterpieces brought him the winning prize.

                         "The Caffeinated Zebra"

                            "Love Triangle"

                          "Flirging Peacock"


    Caleb Cha and Pastry by Ann are very pleased to offer you a great opportunity to learn Latte Art techniques from a world-renowned barista. During the Latte Art Workshop, participants will not only learn theory from him, but will also have a chance to practice with his close quidance from the very first steps. The workshop will cover the following topics        

Prize and Trophies

  • 2014 2nd Victorian Latte art Championship
  • 2014 2nd Australian Latte Art Championship
  • 2015 Melbourne Latte Art Smackdown Champion
  • 2015 2nd Victorian Latte Art Championship
  • 2015 Australian Latte Art Champion
  • 2015 World Latte Art Championship
  • 2016 Australian Specialty Coffee Association National Latte Art Championship Visual Judge

Theory Lesson: 

  • Theory of Latte Art
  • Milk types and how they affect milk foaming
  • The importance of proteins and fat in milk
  • The role of temperature in milk foaming

4 Latte Art drawing 

  • The Caffeinated Zebra
  • Love Triangle
  • Flirting Peacock and Color Latte
  • Butterfly

Special Class : 24 July 2016

    Good opportunity for those who have busy schedule and prefer to learn only specialized techniques! We also offer 3 hours mini-workshop. You may choose what interest you most from below mini- workshop details.

ฺBasic Training /9.00 - 12.00 น. / 6,000 Baht

Basic course details:

  • Types of milk
  • Protein in milk
  • Milk foaming
  • Practice 3 Latte Art drawing: Heart, Tulips, and Swans

   Love heart



ฺAdvance Training / 13.00 - 16.00 น. / 7,000 Baht (recommended for participant who already has basic Latte Art skills)

Advance course details:

  • Advance Barista Skills 
  • High-level techinques to make beautiful foaming and sharp Latte Art drawing patterns 
  • Pratice 3 Latte Art drawing: Wing Tulips, Rose  and Tingkerbell (World class drawing patterns)

  Wing Tulip



For more information, Please contact : 

  • Applicants can get a refund if they find someone in their stead. Once the new applicant is registered and the admission fee is paid, the initial applicant will get a refund minus a 10% fee.


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