Thailand Yoga Art & Dance At Aonang villa resort

#6 Thailand Yoga Art & Dance At Aonang villa resort (KRABI)

          Join Yoga ,Dance, and others morethan 118 classes in 4 days event with the 45 famous instructors from Thailand and others countries with the difference style

Details of event :

Vane:  Ao Nang Villa Resort  -Krabi

date:  24-27 October 2019

Time : Yoga Class 7.30 am - 5.30 pm., Party 6.00 - 10.00 pm (25,26 Oct)

More than 100 classes for both beginner and advance levels will be offered  in this 4 stars resort hotel. Prepare to meet world class experts such as:

- Yoga

- Belly & Bollywood Dance

- Salsa & Embodied Dance

- Traditional Thai Ayurveda, Herbal and Massage

- Thai Boxing

- Aqua and SUP Yoga

This special package includes 2 nights pool party (unlimited free drinks), and a half- day tour of Krabi's famous four islands (Kai, Poda , Thale Waek and Railay).

Come and join us. For additional information or to purchase tickets, please visit us at: or eventpop

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