[FREE] Get your startup story ready to go international with Clear Story

[FREE] Get your startup story ready to go international with Clear Story

Get Your Startup Story Ready to Go International with Clear Story

ClearStory International will provide two half-day workshops (22th - 23th June) with international ready startups to help them define their startup story and help them tell it to boost awareness, credibility and fix market positioning across target countries.

The workshops will focus on equipping attendees with the knowledge they need to identify what makes their company/product editorially interesting to key national and international media and give practical assistance in creating a  startup story that will attract attention.

Course Outline

Sesssion 1

Welcome and introductions (30 mins)
The team at CSI will introduce themselves and invite each startup to give a 30 second overview of themselves.

The media landscape  (45 mins)
CSI, CEO, James McCann will give an outline of the current media landscape for early start startups and how best it can be navigated to produce positive PR.

What makes your company interesting? (60 mins)
Everyone has an interesting backstory. Rebecca Lee, CSI's Editorial Director and former journalist will go through what journalists look for in startups and the key information you should gather for your story

Pitch or press release? (60 mins)
When making an announcement or seeking publicity for your company what approach should you use and what information should it contain. James McCann, CEO of ClearStory International will take you through the art of press release and pitch writing.

Who to target, why, and things you need to remember (45 mins)
There are over 500,000 media outlets in the world. Who do you target to ensure your hard work doesn't go to waste and why. James McCann, CEO of ClearStory International will take you through media targeting and the things you need to remember before you start making approaches to journalists.

Homework (15 mins)
Rebecca Lee, Editorial Director at ClearStory International will outline what materials will be required for the next days practical workshop on creating your startup story.

Sesssion 2

Startup Story Workshop (225 mins)
  • A story template will be issued to each startup to fill out throughout the day
  • Startups will be put in pairs
  • They will 'interview' each other on key personal/professional/market challenges to source interesting editorial material
  • The ClearStory team will sit with each group to help them shape their stories so they can begin writing it
  • Session will end with Q&A 
 Goodbye and final comments (15 mins)


Date : 22-23 June 2019

Time : Group one 9am - 1pm (Both days)
            Group two 2pm - 6pm (Both days)

Location : HUBBA-TO (Habito Mall , Onnuch 1/1)

Workshop Agenda

22nd June
Group One - 9am - 1pm (Session 1)
Group Two - 2pm - 6pm (Session 1)
23rd June
Group One - 9am - 1pm (Session 2)
Group Two - 2pm - 6pm (Session 2)

Remark : This is a free workshop. Anyways, Please reserve a ticket(500 Bath) as a deposit money and we will refund the money at the workshop.


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