Buttercream Flower & 3D Animals By Steve Chang From Thisiscake

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Buttercreamflower & 3D Animals 
by Steve Chang....This is cake!!

Buttercream Flower (Class A) :  25-27 August 2016 (3 days)
3D Animals (Class B) : 28-31 August 2016 (3 days)
Time : 09.00 - 17.00 
Maximum 15 people/class 
Fee : 42,000/people/class
(lunch, sweet and workshops package included )
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Venue : Pastry By Ann(PBA) Baking Studio (W Districk(Sukhumvit 69))
Class will be though in English and Thai

        Korea Buttercream flower cakes are gaining popularity these last few years. Although the main technique has been used for a long time, new techniques are invented to create more fancy and interesting works.

        Steve Chang from "Thisiscake" majored in design. He applied the knowledge from his major to his bakery works. He got the idea of combining fondant and buttercream flower in his cakes to create gorgeous masterpieces. He is a renowned chef and his work is very popular throuthout Asia.

Steve Chang ' s Signatures
        Mr. Chang combines the better aspects of fondant and buttercream to create more interesting works. Fondant is firm and has a smooth-touch feeling, whilst buttercream features natural colors and a silky texture. This allowed Steve Change to create various types of flowers to decorate his cakes. These two different materials are perfect combination. The cake is beautified and made more valuable.

         Mr. Chang creates fondant 3D character and makes them look more beautiful with buttercream. You will be amazed by his incredibly lifelike looking and unique fondant characters. These 3D characters are trendy and very popular in Korea and Asia these days.

        Pastry by Ann and Steve Chang are very pleased to offer you valuable workshops in Korean buttercream flower & 3D characters fondant. Classes will be teaching buttercream and fondant techniques.

Class A : Korea Buttercream Flower 
25-27 August 2016 / 09.00 - 17.00 (3 days)

Class Description: 
  • How to make Korean buttercream step by step
  • How to do the cake icing with two layers of fondant and decorate the cake with fondant character
  • Fondant coloring techinques
  • Buttercream colors and coloring techniques to make it look natural
  • Korean buttercream piping methods
  • Steve Chang' s two-layer cake and flower basket shaped cake styles

Class B : 3D Animals

28-31 August 2016 / 09.00 - 17.00 (3 days)

Class Description: 

  • How to make Korean buttercream step by step
  • How to make 3D cake and all techniques
  • Buttercream colors and coloring techniques to make it look natural
  • Special techniques to decorate 3D cake
  • How to mix colors for 3D cake coloring
  • How to combine buttercream and fondant works
  • How to detail drawing 3D character face

For more Information, Please contact:

  • Tel: (66) 944262290
  • pastrybyann@outlook.com
  • www.facebook.com/pastrybyann
  • Line id: @pastrybyann

  • Applicants can get a refund if they find someone in theirstead. Once the new applicant is registered and the admission fee is paid, the intial applicant will get a refund minus a 10%fee. 



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