Sound Healing Group Session at BodyConscious | การบำบัดโรคด้วยคลื่นเสียงแบบกลุ่มกับบอดี้คอนเชียส

Sound Healing Group Session at BodyConscious | การบำบัดโรคด้วยคลื่นเสียงแบบกลุ่มกับบอดี้คอนเชียส

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, pain or blockages in your body? Listening to certain type of music can take the unpleasant symptoms away. 

Join us for a sound-healing group session with Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and tuning forks. Let Dr. Guy (our highly experienced TCM doctor) immerse you into this deeply transforming energy healing technique and experience how it will remove blockages in your body and help you to achieve such a deep state of relaxation. This session does not only reduce stress, anxiety, pain, mood swing, blockages, high blood pressure, depression and sleep disorders but also help to balance your body and mind, promote better concentration and increase mental and emotional clarity. 

Sessions are held in an intimate setting of no more than 10 people in our healing Hinoki wood room. The scent of Hinoki helps you to relax even deeper and effectively treats colds, viral infections of the respiratory system, sinusitis, asthma, and migraines. 

Attend the event and get 50% discount voucher to be used for services with the selling price no more than 3,000 THB. (May not be used with the following services, IV Infusion (Protector and Anti-ager), lab tests and supplements and may not be used in conjunction with any other offers)

About Dr. Charyodsakon Rajatanavin (Dr. Guy)


Born in 1990 in Bangkok, Thailand, Doctor Guy possesses a wealth of experience in the field of Chinese medicine and natural healing techniques.  Prior to joining BodyConscious in June 2018, he was the Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor at St. Louis Hospital for 4 years. While he has over 10 years of experience in teaching Qigong and applying Energy Medicine, using music therapy through frequencies from musical instruments, singing bowls and tuning forks, Doctor Guy is also a qualified teacher in meditation and breathing (pranayama). After graduating from the College of Alternative Medicine in Thailand in collaboration with Xiamen University in China, he become a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in 2013. In addition, Doctor Guy is also a Certified Thai Traditional Medicine profession in 2018, specifically in massage, and is fluent in Thai, Chinese and English languages.


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