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To the Point, Fireside Chat, Meetup Event for Makers & Hardware Startups

Maker Jam is THE event for Makers & Hardware Startups. It's a fast and to the point event focusing how to build a hardware startup.

With the recent hype in Internet of Things (IoT), Makers Movement, hardware startups or even tech startups with a hardware element in their business, there are much unanswered questions and much under said statements on building a hardware startup.

Hardware startups are HARD. Ideas are CHEAP. Execution is EVERYTHING.

You can talk all day long about that thing you want(ed) to make, think about ideas that will be cool, do idea generations. BUT in the end, building a successful hardware startup is all about perspiration, well-planned execution, doing, will and (often) tears.

Maker Jam brings you real do-ers to you for you to learn from their experiences, ask questions and apply that to your needs.

Let's not talk about IDEAS. Let's talk about how to EXECUTE it.

Apart from all the aspects of a great execution, a lot of expertise is also involved in prototyping, manufacturing, selling or crowdfunding your product. Learn from successful hardware startups how they made their idea into reality.

We created Maker Jam because we are like you, a bunch of curious makers and hardware startups.

Maker Jam is for anyone who is interested in taking their idea to reality, and building a successful hardware Startup.

18.00 - 18.30 - Welcome to Maker Jam

Pattaraporn Max Bodhisuwan

CEO & Co-founder @ Maker Zoo

Hardware Specialist @ SmartMat

Ambassador for Highway1

A warm welcome to Maker Jam and a bit of background how it came to be.

About the Speaker

Pattaraporn has been working with technology since 2011 whether it's mobile apps, web, design or hardware. With one hardware startup that he joined successfully crowd-funded and in manufacturing, SmartMat: The World's First Intelligent Yoga Mat. Pattaraporn's vision is to help inspire the next wave of hardware startups.

Part of his current role at Maker Zoo also involves supporting product development, whether they are fun kits for Makers, hardware products, or super top secret consulting projects for other companies.

Pattaraporn always tries to push the limits and see what happens, whether they fail or succeed, it's part of the learning process. He wishes that hosting Maker Jam will help future hardware startup entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls and traps around creating a physical product.

18.30 - 19.00 - Fireside Chat with Drivebot

Atthaphong Limsupanark

Co-founder @ Drivebot

A fireside chat, fast, to the point, Maker Jam style Q&A with one of Thailand's most popular hardware startup, Drivebot: Fitbit for your car. Drivebot was recently crowd-funded on Indiegogo and currently are shipping to its backers.

About the Speaker

Atthaphong is an entrepreneur, number cruncher and an awesome developer. He was also one of the core team at Builk, a 500 Startups  portfolio company, before he left to start on his hardware startup journey. Atthaphong has wandered into the world of hardware startup and has succeeded in creating a device that will help solve many car owners' problems.

19.00 - 19.30 - Skype Call with Highway1

Saroya Whatley

Community Manager @ Highway1

An exclusive Skype call with Highway1's community manager, Saroya Whatley. Saroya will introduce Highway1 and tell you what it takes to be accepted to one of the best hardware startup accelerator along with case studies from one of their portfolio hardware startup.

Highway1 is a division of PCH, is a hardware startup accelerator located in San Francisco looking for great hardware startups with exciting business ideas and compelling prototypes. We help you design products that deliver real value to customers, are delightful to use, and can be manufactured at scale

About the Speaker

Saroya is the Project Coordinator at Highway1 supporting the program manager, engineering mentors, curriculum advisors, and module leaders. Saroya assists with research for the development of the Highway1 program and curriculum content as well as marketing and social media. Saroya has a background in educational programming and event management.


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