Design Your Startup Culture

Design Your Startup Culture

Thailand Startup Week is a Free five-day, entrepreneur-led, community-run event held to celebrate, showcase, empower, inspire, and grow the startup community and culture through knowledge sharing in meetings, gatherings, lectures, and other exciting activities. From 18-22 July, we are hosting over 50 FREE events across Bangkok in multiple locations. You are viewing one of these events.

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Design Your Startup Culture - Q&A SESSION

Tiwa York, CEO Kaidee
Geir Windsvoll, Founding Partner Santora Nakama
Jakob Lykkegaard, Co-Founder & Ceo of Playlab
Andreas Holmer, CEO & Design Director of MAQE

What is a startup culture? Why is it important? How do you attract the right people?

Speaker: Tiwa York, CEO Kaidee
    Tiwa York is the Head Coach of Kaidee (a.k.a CEO). He is passionate about changing lives through trading second hand goods, startups, and building great teams. Along with a team of 5 awesome people, Tiwa founded an online marketplace which is now known as Kaidee in 2011 as an intrapreneurship project in his role as CEO of Sanook Shopping in which he played a key role in the continued development of the platform to be easily accessible for the Thai people. Today Kaidee is a C2C online marketplace with 200 thousand sellers, listing 1 million items for sale and reaching 7 million people per month.
    From the beginning, Tiwa set out to build a different kind of platform, one that impacts how Thai lives. To achieve this, he encouraged his team to 'get out of the building' to listen to customers for feedback. Tiwa and his team remain committed to this way despite the fast changing environment of the business. Tiwa has been recognized for his passion, his leadership, and his efforts to build the team - which is now the biggest startup team in the country- and the business. He is invited to be a mentor for many startup teams.

Speaker: Geir Windsvoll, Founding Partner Santora Nakama
" Santora Nakama is a Bangkok-based startup studio, building new Startups throughout SouthEast Asia. We're currently developing a number of exciting new products - including, Kids Games/Apps. Virtual Reality content and Medical Tourism "

Jakob Lykkegaard, Co-Founder & Ceo of Playlab

Speaker: Andreas Holmer, CEO & Design Director of MAQE


22 July 2016 at 18:30 - 19:30


Design for Startup Culture
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