FREE: How energy healing works: ร่วมไขความลับพลังแห่งการรักษา

FREE: How energy healing works: ร่วมไขความลับพลังแห่งการรักษา

Are you currently finding yourself get up every morning and not willing to go to work, feeling like you’re doing the same thing every day, finding that nothing can satisfy you, finding yourself get irritated or frustrated easily for no good reason, feeling that someone’s achievement is annoying or finding yourself no energy, no dream and no drive? If you can relate yourself with one of these feelings, this event will give you the solution that you are looking for, in which will help you unlock your mind, embrace positive energy and get rid of negative feelings in a sustainable way.

Needless to say, in every single day, we are experiencing a lot of emotions whether they are positive feelings, such as happiness, delight, excitement or joyful or negative feelings, such as sadness, depression, stress, anger, frustration or jealousy. It is true that we all want to be happy as much as we could. So, we do whatever we can in order to be happy. We normally say to ourselves that if this thing happens, we will be happy. After that, we will try to find ways to make the thing actually happens. The whole process of how to make it happens unavoidably lead to stress, depression, anxiety, the feeling of failure, etc. Some of us may succeed in achieving what we want, but end up in hunting for the next thing we need.

The reason why we feel this way is because we actually lost our life’s purpose. Basically, we don’t know why we are here for! In this event, Khun Virina Angelo Rohland, our highly experienced energy medicine practitioner, will help you to find your soul’s purpose, which normally comes up when you’re quiet enough to feel things and to be in your body, to be in present, not in neither the future nor the past.

Also, she will explain how your energy of lack which we carry when we are unhappy and in the mode of finding or searching for things that we want. When energy of lack, the feeling of not getting the things we want, is present in our energy field, we will be able to attract only the same energy into our lives. On the other hand, if you want to have the positive things to come to your life, whether they are money, achievement, good relationship, nice body and the healthier version of yourself, you need to have the positive energy to attract those things.

Attending this event will allow you to have a clear understanding of what “The Law of Attraction” is, how it works and what stop you from manifesting what you want. You will understand the power of energy responding and exchanging back and forth with all things around us and its connection with law of attraction and soul’s purpose. This introductory session will give you the answer that you are long looking for.

About Virina Angelo Rohland:

Virina is a Thai born who lives her life mostly abroad. Her curiosity has led her from place to place learning and seeking the truth about herself. As a highly emotional being, she has suffered for years and found it challenging to live in this world. One key ingredient that saved her life is to have FAITH. No matter how bad it was, somehow she knew there’s a reason.

Virina was trained by many of well-known master teachers. She now arrived at the place to be called herself a spiritual teacher, the master of mind and body activation. The level of connection she has with people, the intuitive gift that she trusts have helped her to choreograph classes, workshops, and retreats in such a way that will touch move and inspire you to make a change in your life. Her energy would shift you and influence you to heal.

Virina walks her talk. She experienced what you experience. The difference and the advantage you could benefit from her is you don’t need to go through life suffering from your emotions longer when you can take a short cut to the joyful life you wish to have.


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