Super Productive Presentation Workshop

Super Productive Presentation Workshop
Great presentation always brings you the new opportunities and that can mean the career growth. But sometimes showing fear and lack of confidence may effect conversely.

However, this workshop is designed to change those feelings into professional conducted by Khun Kate Jackson, a soft skill trainer, listed in Thailand Tatler, as an influential Expat in the South East Asia region.  

  • Develop new skills and knowledge to presentation design
  • Able to create and arrange the outline and present systematically
  • Able to describe text, image, and graph interestingly and easily to understand
  • Able to apply core value and branding stories to the presentation
  • Able to persuade and pitch the audiences

Glowfish, 2nd Floor Sathorn Thani 2 Building

Friday, 25th of October, 2019, 09:30-15:30
(Register at 09:00)


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