Elevating Cannabis Expo 2019: Asia’s Green Rush

Elevating Cannabis Expo 2019: Asia’s Green Rush

Join us for the 1st of Thailand’s annual international Cannabis Conference and Expo that is Asia focused.

Bringing together local, regional and international cannabis industries to Thailand’s emerging market.

Find out what’s going on in the Realm of cannabis in Asia, who are the players, what’s available and are the opportunities. 

Find your Cannabis Business Potential!

Find your Connections! And be the 1st to Know, with Elevated Estate Cannabis Report: Introducing Thailand (THAI/ENG). Limited pre-release only at Elevating Cannabis Expo.


    To all our honoured speakers, guests, exhibitors, and partners at Elevating Cannabis Expo 2019: Asia’s Green Rush

    We want to extend my most sincere thanks to everyone that attends the first Elevated-Cannabis Expo. We want to say we were humbled by all the positive comments and feedback that was received during and after the event. 

    It was the goal of Elevated Estate to connect up leaders in the fledgling industry and be a part of the most exciting and new future for Thailand and the region. 

    In the next few weeks, We will have some announcements about what is next, some exciting opportunities and of course, information on how you can get more information on what is happening. 

    To finish, We want to again say thank you to everyone involved it was fantastic and we're excited about what we can build together.

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