Doing it for the Gram: Traditional Floating Market, Wat Sampran and the infamous Maeklong Train Market Trip

We are still blown away by the support and love from everyone for our newest tour, "Doing it for the Gram: Traditional Floating Market, Wat Sampran Dragon Temple and Maeklong Railway Market Trip!

Last week we completely sold out! Spaces are limited so make sure you get in quick!!
First Stop: Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market...35 minutes outside of this mighty city lies the charming traditional and local Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market. You will not find a Buddha statue for sale or a pair of elephant pants in sight! This is a local market for locals and we have the pleasure and privilege of being only a handful of tourists visiting. Here we can take a long tail boat through the canals, gorge on amazing fresh produce and local specialties and shop for some hand made goods.

Second Stop: Wat Samphran Dragon Temple. This lesser known temple has become the highlight of soooo many of our guests trips...partly because we have the luxury of being the only tour group there and partly because it is SERIOUSLY cool. We'll spend our time climbing the belly of the dragon right to the top and enjoying the epic panoramic view from the top!

Third Stop: Last stop is the iconic Maeklong Railway Market! Here we'll have plenty of time to explore the market, grab some delicious locally grown fresh fruit, a cool fresh coconut and of course...the best as the whole market suddenly disperses to make way for the train as it passes straight through the markets center.

THAT'S not all, afterwards we'll then ride the train back to Bangkok where the tour will finish up with a beer...or straight to bed!

We have a special price for fans of #bkkcityhike Total cost is ONLY 850THB, you must prepay to join on the link below and message so we can work out pick ups!


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