Lean IT Foundation

Lean IT Foundation

Lean IT Foundation

A tool that help continuously improve the value delivered by IT organizations
to their customers and the professionalism of IT people.

Lean IT Foundation helps IT organizations to ensure that they provide their customers with the best possible services. Through understanding customer value, the processes that deliver this value, the way to manage performance, the way to organize and the required attitude and behavior. This training can help you develop a continuous improvement mindset and it complement to all other best practice methods (such as ITIL®, PRINCE2® and P3O®).

Lean IT Supports 4 Distinct Certifications

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the training and examination related to this qualification, a successful candidate will be familiar with the principles of the Lean philosophy and in particular with the application of this philosophy within an IT-environment.

  • The principles underlying the Lean philosophy 
  • The importance of understanding and delivering customer value 
  • The way Lean looks at processes and the waste within them 
  • How to measure performance and the key determinants of performance 
  • What the organizational requirements are when implementing Lean, including the use of visual management tools 
  • Which behaviour and attitude is necessary for Lean to be successful within an IT organization 
  • The DMAIC problem-solving model 
  • How these Lean principles can be applied within an IT organization


Benefits for Individuals

- Apply the principles of Lean IT practices to

provide necessary insight into business services

and support IT assets, employees and processes.

- Be acquainted with the use of several Lean IT

analysis tools and have an understanding of

the application of the Lean IT philosophy in

an IT environment.

- Provide insight into customer experience

and identify the cause of problems to increase

customer satisfaction.

- Align business services with IT to evaluate a service

delivery solution and identify

and reduce non-value adding activity.

- Streamline and automate compliance processes

to lessen cost and risk.

Benefits for Organizations

- Achieve operational excellence through improved agility,

service quality and efficiency.

- Build a customer and value-oriented culture in which

employees engage in Lean IT processes.

- Involve all employees to continually improve services

and preserve value with less effort.

- Optimize IT operations and processes supporting

the most business critical applications and services.

- Implement a rigorous problem solving process to

achieve greater strategic and financial value.


  • Any manager or specialist working in an IT organization can benefit from the insights provided by the qualification. 
  • IT professionals who are participating in or involved with lean projects. 


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วันเวลา :            5-6 กันยายน 2016 09.00-17.00 น. (2 วัน)

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