NieR : Orchestra Concert

NieR : Orchestra Concert

Terms and Conditions

1. The gates will open at 3 pm. 

2. In case of late arrival, the staff will guide you into the hall when appropriate.

3. Please keep your courtesy in order to ensure that all audiences enjoy comfortable and pleasant performance

4. Photographs and recordings are strictly prohibited.

5. We reserve the rights to change the program of the performance as appropriated.

6. Food and Pet are strictly prohibited inside the hall.

7. Tickets cannot be refunded.

Dress Code for NieR : Orchestra Concert re:12018 Live in Thailand

Due to the dress code policy implement at Mahidol University we kindly ask the following from the audience: 

The code is smart casual. Strictly no shorts, no flip flops and no tank tops

 The concert hall temperature is adjusted to 20-22 C (68-70F) per musicians’ request. Please prepare accordingly. (Yes it’s cold by Thai standard)

Cosplay is encouraged, but we kindly ask that you do not bring any helmets, hats, sword, spear, staff, or armor that may restrict the view of any persons behind, beside or in front of you.

We also do not allow any type of outfit that may damage the fabric seats inside the hall. If there are damages done to the seats, Mahidol University reserves the rights to collect damage penalty.

No nudity for cosplay outfit. It is a university.

Children under 9 years old may purchase tickets in FBA, FBB, and FBC zone, which is a soundproof glass room with high quality speakers inside.

Photography is encouraged in front of the hall, but please do not take any photos or video during the concerts.

For those of you with VIP tickets, Meet and Greet is after the concert is finished. We will have a professional photographer take your photos and we will send full resolution photo to you via email after the event.

For further inquiries, please inbox Facebook Page Five Four Records

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