Fashion Revolution Clothes Swap Party: The Year End Edition

26 Nov 2019 at 18:00 - 22:00
9th Fl. Gaysorn Village
Bangkok, Thailand
Fashion Revolution Clothes Swap Party: The Year End Edition
It’s almost new year, and you’d better be a new you. 
Let’s walk into 2020 with joy and new looks that don’t cost the earth.
Join us for swapping, not shopping, and sustainably update your closet!

Welcome to Fashion Revolution Clothes Swap Party: The Year End Edition  

We believe in reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible, and what better way to get ready for the holidays than with a new outfit or whole closet, without extra carbon. 

All you have to do is CLEAN OUT your closet, bring in your old clothes and exchange them with our community. There will also be music and joy-sparking conversations with DJ Notep (Note Panayangool) and many more stylish minds who will share with you their tips and tricks on conscious consumption, secondhand shopping, swapping, thrifting and intentional living.  And we want to be inclusive of all genders, expressions and sizes.

Location: Wecosystem, 9th Floor Gaysorn Village
Time: 6.00pm-10pm
Date: Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019


6:00 PM Registration, Drop off items, enjoy drinks from Chabar 
[30 minutes break to set up the room] 
7:00 PM Style sharing by conscious fashion influencers + Q&A
7:30 PM Clothes Swap with music by DJ Note
10:00 PMEnd 

Entry fee

Early bird: 300 THB
Walk-in: 350 THB 
*All participants receive a free snack & drink coupon to use in the bar 
**You will also be entered for a chance to win prizes (extra credits) from us 
***Please bring your own bottle/cup and shopping bag

Our Simple Steps :

1. Drop 

It's simple. Please bring at least 1 item of clothing, accessories, pieces of jewellery and footwear you owned to swap. They should be clean and ready to go on the racks. We accept all shapes and sizes. Our Swap Crew will then assess the items on arrival and you will be given credits in return. 

2. Swap

With your credits in hand, browse the rail for new-to-you items. Try things on, and choose items equal to the value of your credits. 

3. Shop

Bring the items you want to the check-out point and "pay" using your credits. If you run out of credits, extra tokens will be available to purchase within the last hour of the event so you can continue shopping

About Fashion Revolution
We are a global movement striving for a fashion industry that is fairer, safer, and cleaner. We want fashion to become a force for good and values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. In Thailand, we organise a series of pop-up events designed to transform conversations around social and environmental challenges of fast fashion into tangible action, supporting people with community, care, and empowerment in every way we could. 

Stay updated via facebook: Fashion Revolution Thailand or on Instagram

Get ready, Get clearing!
End this year strong. The world needs you at your best. 


How does a clothes swap work?

A clothes swap is a sustainable and fun alternative to fast fashion.
Bring along any clothes that you no longer wear,  let the staffs assess the value - you will get the credits which you can use to spend on your new loved items.

How many items can I bring?

There are no limits to the number of items you can bring, however, we will cap the credit redemption at 15 items. 

What kind of items should I bring or expect to get? 

  • Clean and of good quality, smart, casual, party..whatever you like
  • In wearable condition, so that leftover clothing can be donated responsibly
  • Something you once valued or will be valued by someone else. Ask yourself - would you give this to a friend?
  • Items you are happy to swap and emotionally detached from
  • No underwear, children-wear, swimwear
  • Brand examples: Zara, Uniqlo, Topshop, H&M, COS, etc. 

How do you assess the items? 

Items are assessed and categorised based on RRP (Recommended Retail Price) and condition. This will dictate how many credits you receive and can swap on the stalls. 

1 x Credit - preloved under 1000 RRP & great condition
2 x Credits - preloved between 1000-2500 RRP & great condition 
3 x Credits - preloved more than 2500 RRP & great condition

*Any items in below-great condition will get 1 credit deduction.

What happens to un-swapped clothes?

All the remaining clothes after the event will be donated for our arts & craft workshop activities, and we're delighted to partner Pun-kan Society, a social enterprise that sells donated items and turn those proceeds into scholarships for youth in need. 

Can I donate directly to the charity?

Yes!  There will be Pun-kan Society donation box available for the day that accepts sweaters, winter clothes, including small miscellaneous accessories and stationeries as well.  

Can I invite friends?

Sure! invite your (most stylish) friends to join the swap to make the treasure hunting even more fun! 

Any last rules when swapping?

-You can only swap if you bring items to exchange. 
-Please do not move items across rails and seek your Swap Shop Assistant if you have a query.
-We take no responsibility for garments donated and swapped and accept no liability for any claim or loss resulting from any transaction taking place at the swapping event.
-We can refuse any items brought to the event that do not meet the criteria of the credit system.
-We appreciate your honesty. Please refrain from taking any garments you have not officially swapped. 

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Fashion Revolution Thailand team 


Early Bird

Buy early to avoid walk-in ticket fee

Come 4 Pay 3

Tell your friends, besties, and lovers to come as a pack for extra positive vibe !

Package includes 4 tickets
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