TEDxBuengKaennakorn 2016

TEDxBuengKaennakorn 2016

Untrapped Society

Throughout one’s life, we always come across one feeling - the feeling that we cannot step out of our common spot where we are controlled by an invisible trap. Undeveloped society has no difference, it cannot be moved forward due to some uncontrollable factors. Though we hope for an existence of a magical power pushing us forward, nothing is greater than the power of our own determination to change the society. Thus,  TEDxBuengKaennakorn aims at motivating people to question themselves, starting to figure out how to free themselves and the society from this invisible trap and stepping to a better spot. Together we will pass along the ideas of “untrapping the society.”

This is the very first time for Khon Kaen to host the global idea sharing stage “TEDx”. Meeting 12 speakers who will shed some light on the invisible traps and exchange some experiences through the variety of activities in the event.

Sunday, October 9th 2016. Mark the date and meet us in Khon Kaen at Hotel Pullman Khon Kaen Raja Orchid. The event starts from 8.30 AM. to 5.30 PM.

How to Register

Please read the event details carefully before register.

*Please read carefully the following terms and conditions*

  • All interested applicants will need to complete the application form and submit for the review process. Then, our staff will notify you the admission and you may purchase the ticket.
  • Each applicant needs to fill out an application form, which will be considered for one ticket individually. Tickets are non-transferable.
  • Tickets are not available to purchase at the event.
  • All tickets (General Tickets and Angel Tickets) include admission fee, documentation, refreshment and lunch.
  • Please remember that once you make a purchase, no exchanges or refunds are allowed.
  • Most talks are primarily in Thai language, however, some are conducted in English, with simultaneous translation available in both languages. To ensure TEDx audiences get the most out of their experience during TEDx conference, you can request for translation headphones when filling out the application form.
  • Due to limited parking space, we would like to ask for your cooperation to use public transportation.
  • Live streaming TEDxBuengKaennakorn 2016 will also be made available online. No payment is required. More details will be updated through our official website and online media, stay tuned!

Register EVENTPOP for purchasing ticket.

Why do we select the audience of TEDxBuengKaennakorn 2016?

In addition to the limited number of seats, we expect the audiences to become changes of our society. Therefore, we need to select people from various fields. We will create the atmosphere of knowledge exchange and collaboration that may occur after the event. Therefore, please answer our questions carefully. So we can know more about you. By the way, you can register only one of these two following types of tickets in the application form.

General Ticket 1,500 Baht

With this ticket, you will be able to attend TEDxBuengKaennakorn 2016 and join all activities in the event.

Angel Ticket 3,000 Baht

This is the ticket of opportunity! Once you purchase, you give another person who is a change maker a chance to be a part of TEDx. The receivers are those who work in organizations for society or those who can potentially spark changes in the society. They will be nominated by impactful organization as well as society development associates such as teachers in remote areas, volunteer camps, and foundations.

After our review, you will receive your application results via email within August 2016.

The selection ticket process

  • Staffs in the selection team are highly experienced and proficient TEDx staffs.
  • Your position at your organization and reputation have nothing to do with our judging criteria.
  • We read attentively every word in your application form. Of course, we put our maximum efforts into the selection process.

Please pay for your ticket within 3 day after you receive the confirmation email.

Payment instructions

You can choose to pay for TEDx ticket by following channels.

Credit card / Debit card

If you pay by this method, you will need to pay a 3% bank charge and take action within the time prescribed.

Bill payment counter (except 7-Eleven)

You need to print out your bill and then bring it to one of the service providers mentioned in the bill "within the period of 4 hours" after printing from the payment system. (If the payment cannot be completed within the time, you can start a new settlement later.)

Application Form

Student Ticket

1,000 THB (Will be charged upon the application have been approved)

General Ticket

1,500 THB (Will be charged upon the application have been approved)

Angel Ticket

3,000 THB (Will be charged upon the application have been approved)


No Tickets Available

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