Intensive design and ideas workshop for the new digital BBC Thai service


Intensive design and ideas workshop for the new digital BBC Thai service

BBC Connected Studio in partnership with HUBBA and Techsauce is organizing an exclusive 2-day workshop which is an opportunity for a selected group of Thai designers to take part in Connected Studio’s Design Challenge to have the chance to be commissioned to design a new BBC Thai service!       

BBC Connected Studio Design Workshop based on the Google Design Sprint principles will support 5 hand-picked teams keen on taking part on the challenge on idea generation and getting critical  feedback from the BBC Connected Studio team. The event is a must attend for any Thai design teams that would like to learn from world class UX practitioners from the BBC Connected Studio as well as HUBBA Academy UX team.

Event Details

Dates:            Saturday, 30 July -  Sunday, 31 July 2016

Time:             10:00 - 18:00 ( Full day )

Location:        HUBBA-TO at Habito Mall

Ticket Price:    Free

more information:


  • Laura Harrison (Programme Lead, BBC Connected Studio),
  •  Alex Nelson (Creative Director & UX Lead, BBC Connected Studio),
  •  Ramaa Sharma (Editorial Lead, BBC World Service)
  • Jimi Rowe (UX Lead, BBC Global News)
  • Karun Warapongsittikul, Chief Design Officer, HUBBA & Co-founder, UX    Academy & 2 junior staff as facilitators


      Sat, 30 July 2016


      Time              Duration(mins)            Activities

      09:30                 30                    Registration and coffee

      10:00                 60                    BBC Presentations/overviews of challenge/audience insights/Q&A

      11:00                 60                    Exploration of themes & hypotheses

      12:00                 30                    working lunch

      12:30                 30                    Concept generation

      13:00                 60                    Concept selection & development

      14:00                 60                    Peer review & sense check

      15:00                 10                    break

      15:10                 50                    Concept refinement & storyboarding

      16:00                 60                    Audience validation

      17:00                 60                    Presentation of ideas & learnings from day 1 / BBC reflections

      18:00                                         Close day one

      Sun, 31 July 2016


      Time              Duration(mins)            Activities

      09:30                 15                    BBC kickoff presentation

      09:45                 45                    Re-group, discuss feedback and select idea

      10:30                 120                  User journey mapping

      12:30                 30                    Working lunch

      13:00                 60                    Storyboarding

      14:00                 120                  Paper prototyping (clickable optional)

      15:50                 10                    Break

      16:00                 90                    Audience validation

      17:00                 30                    Reflection

      17:30                 30                    BBC wrap-up and next steps


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