GSB E-CUP 2020 Thailand Open Tournament

15 May 2020 at 14:39 - 15:39
Samyan Mitrtown
กรุงเทพมหานคร, ประเทศไทย
GSB E-CUP 2020 Thailand Open Tournament

GSB E-CUP 2020 Thailand Open Tournament

1. Introduction (Please read over the rules thoroughly)

1.1 Definition
- GSB E-CUP 2020 THAILAND OPEN TOURNAMENT is International Tournament for efootball PES2020 which official granted by Konami Digital Entertainment
- Welcome worldwide esports athlete and open for all gamers to Thailand open Tournament with Prize pool more than 100,000 USD on 28 – 29 March 2020
- The most esports football cup in Thailand with the most prize for players (All players who qualified Round 256 for 1VS1 or Round 128 2VS2 will get prize accumulated)
- Register period: 25 Feb 2020 – 23 March 2020
- Register type: 1VS1 AND 2VS2
o Applicant can apply both type of competition but can apply only one application per one Type.

2. GSB E-Cup Tournament Areas
2.1 Tournament area
The Tournament Area comprises the gaming area where the Players compete and the Referee stands.
- The Tournament Area open to Players which have a Match to play. Players and who do not have a Match to play, as well as spectators and media, are forbidden from entering the Tournament Area. Only the GSB E-Cup staff and other authorized staff can stay inside the Tournament Area.
- Do not allow followers or anyone Coaching and Involving on athletes in the game in all cases.
- If action occurs Will adjust that contestant to lose immediately (Judging by the judges is final)
- Staff or those who have been authorized by the competition organization only can enter this area

3. Rule and Regulation for Competition

3.1.1 PATCH OF eFootball PES2020
o The tournament will use the latest Patch of eFootball PES2020

3.1.2 Selected clubs
o Players can use only clubs from Thai League in eFootball PES2020

3.1.3 Match Setting for 1vs1 and 2vs2
o Match Level: Superstar
o Match Time: 10 Min
o Injuries: Off
o No. of sub: 3
o Extra Time: OFF
o PK: On
o Daytime: Night
o Weather: Summer/Fine
o Balanced Stats: ON Video game speed setting
 Game Speed: Normal / 0 Camera setting
 Dynamic Wide

- Offline (Default) If there are any chance will announcement to before match

3.2 Regulation before Match
- The Match start time indicates the time when the Match begins. Therefore, Players are advised to be at the Tournament Area at least 30 minutes before their Match start time

3.3 Regulation during Match
3.3.1 Rules during the competition
- An official Match can only be started and played when the tournament Referee has given the signal to start. Any Match started without the approval of the Referee will be considered as a non-official Match.
- When the tournament Referee has given the signal to start, Players have one (1) minute after the signal to be setting your game plan and start the Match.
- Players get 1 mins for setting game plan while half time.

3.3.2 In-game pause
- Players can pause the video game to change strategy and Players only 2 times per match (1 mins per time)
- Players can pause game when the video game action is stopped (ie: offside, touchline, fouls, etc.).
- In case any problems occurs during the competition (ie: Controller problems, Delay or lacking) Players need to notice referee immediately.
- If notice referee after the goal score or causing any disadvantages, will not accept any cases.
- If referee checking the event and found that no any problem, Player who noticed will get 1st warning and Referee can adjusted to lose immediately
3.3.3 Momentum interruption 
- If the Momentum is involuntary interrupted (Game crashes, server crashes, network cuts, power outage …) the tournament officials will decide whether or not to replay the Match.
- If the Match must be replayed, it will be replayed according to the following rules:
o If both teams have not scored any goal during the first half-time (0-45 mins) of any of the Games, the whole Game (and the following if applies) will be replayed.
o If the problem happened during the first time (0-45 mins) of a Game after the first goal was scored, the Game will be restarted with the second half-time. The goals scored in the first half-time will be added to the ones scored in the second and the sum will be the final score of the Game.
o If the problem happened during the second half (45-90 mins) of a Game, the game will be restarted with only the second half-time. The goals scored in the first half-time will be added to the ones scored in the second and the sum will be the final score of the Game.
- But If the players make problem to interruption the tournament officials will decide according to the following 4.1 Forbidden behaviors rules

3.4 Regulation After match
- After a match referee will report the match score to player and sign the match report document (paper or electronic).
- After signing the Match Report document, the result is final.
3.5 GSB E-CUP 2020 Tournament Format
3.5.1 Qualify Round format
- There are not over than 1024 Players(1VS1) and 512 Team (2VS2) for Qualify round
- Qualify round will use Single Elimination mode for competition without Extra time. (Enable Penalty)
- Will announcement register period of each players before tournament start
o For example:
 1VS1 Register period 1: 07:00 AM – 08:00 AM
 1VS1 Register period 2: 08:00 AM – 09:00 AM
- Players need to check the register period for each player and show up at register point on time. (It’s better to meet at the register point before register period)
- If Players is unable to compete register in the allocated time, Players will be disqualified
- Qualify round will competition till get last 8 players of 1VS1 and last 8 teams for 2VS2 to Final Round

3.5.2 Final Round Format
- Final round will start from Quarter Final (8 players of 1VS1 and 8 teams for 2VS2)
- Quarter Final will use Single Elimination mode for competition without Extra time. (Enable Penalty)
- Semi Final round and Final round will use Best of 3 for competition without Extra time. (Enable Penalty)

3.6 Tournament materials
The organizer (GSB E-CUP) will provide the following materials
- Console
- Television / Monitor
- Joystick
- Chairs

3.6.1 Prohibited materials
- Player can’t connect non-essential equipment, such as cell phone, USB Key, Flash drive or MP3 device to the console.

4. Rules and Regulation
4.1 Forbidden behaviors
Players or managers will be penalized if they are found attempting to somehow infringe any rule.
The following is a list of forbidden behaviors:
o Refuse to follow Referee instructions.
o Arrive late at their schedule commitments.
o Show dissent by word or action.
o Use insulting language and/or gestures.
o Use insulting language in-game.
o Perform unsporting behavior.
o Mislead on their identity (fake nickname or identity usurpation).
o Mislead or dupe the Referee.
o Don't put any effort to win Match.
o Furthermore Players or any third party involved in the team may not take part, either directly or indirectly, in betting or gambling on any results of any Tournament (including Regular League, Last Chance Group and Finals).
o The nature and scope of the penalty imposed due to such violations will be at the sole discretion of the Referee and tournament director.

4.2 Penalties policy
o After discovery of some Player or Manager committing any violations of the present rules, the Regulations Committee may apply the following penalties:
 Verbal warning x2
 Match loss
 Disqualification
o Depending on the degree, repetition and the final analysis, the Regulations Committee may apply additional penalties such as banishment from future tournament by GSB, removal of all cash prizes and awards or legal proceedings. The referee or committee decision is final.

5. Rules Update
  •  GSB E-Cup reserves the right to change or modify these Rules at any time for the good functioning of the tournament. GSB E-Cup encourages everyone to review these regulations from time to time in order to be apprised of any changes.

    ***If player registered in this tournament it mean you accept the rules*** 


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