2nd Cloud Openstack-Container Conference and Workshop 2016

2nd Cloud Openstack-Container Conference and Workshop 2016

Conference - Thursday 22 September 2016

    Openstack is ready for business. Are you ready? This conference will open your eyes how to get your private cloud ready to deploy for real services for your business.  It will not be a better time. It’s now.  Learn from guru and experts.  You will understand deep insights of technicality of installing Openstack both for private and public cloud as well as container technology especially Docker container.

Workshop - Friday 23 September 2016

    Workshop 1:  "Private Cloud with Mirantis Fuel"  By Khomkit Viangvises, Openstack Evangelist,
    This course will emphasize how to install Openstack Fuel which was originally developed by Mirantis and now is the property of Openstack Foundation.  You will learn to do the complete installation hands-on, the tricks and tips.  At the end you will gain the confidence that you can do it which will help you to continue your next step in Openstack journey.     
    Workshop 2:  "Openstack Ansible and Ceph Ansible"
    A) Morning Session: "Deploy your cloud-like Rackspace with OpenStack AnsibleBy Jirayut Nimsaeng, DevOps & Cloud Architect, Kaidee
    In this interactive workshop, our team will walk you through the installation and configuration of Openstack Ansible on a virtual machine. Audience will leave with an understanding of the various components of working Openstack Ansible with installation and deployment process.
    B) Afternoon Session: "Ceph Ansible: Technology and Architecture for Best Storage" By Chansilp Chinprasert, Cloud Architect,
    Getting started with Ceph Ansible, which is the best open source distributed storage software right now. If you are looking for a storage system of OpenStack, Ceph Ansible is your best choice. Join us to see how easy to learn to install Ceph Ansible.  It’s not as complicate as you might think. You will also learn in this hands on workshop how to set up Ceph Cluster and how to scale it up. We got some good recommendations for you.
    Workshop 3: "Docker Orchestration at Scale" By Asst. Prof. Dr. Chanwit Kaewkasi Docker Swarm Contributor, Computer Engineering, Suranaree University of Technology
    This is a full day hands-on workshop about the latest Docker 1.12. Docker 1.12 has introduced a new orchestration engine called Swarm mode. With Docker Swarm mode, it allows us to easily build a secured and scalable Docker cluster. This workshop will introduce you the basics to Docker as well as how to build a cluster using this new feature.

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