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MV Presents Oyster Wine Pairing Dinner

MV Presents Oyster Wine Pairing Dinner

Welcome to MV presents Oyster Wine Pairing Dinner. Throughout the evening, you will learn the art of food-wine pairing, focusing particularly on oysters from 4 different seas (southern coast (FR), northern coast (FR), Sendai (JP) and Gulf of Thailand. And to make sure you go home satisfied gastronomically, We plan two additional red meat courses with charming and exuberant red wines. 

Specifically designed as a small gathering of the like-minded so that the learning experience as well as the networking effect is augmented. We hope to see as many of you there with us as possible!


Modus Vivendi (MV) is a group of Ivy-plus educated wine lovers based in Bangkok, Thailand. We regularly host wine tasting events and other wine-centric get-together to promote the  responsible wine drinking culture among young professionals and oenophiles in Bangkok vicinities. The group was founded and facilitated by Dr. Narun Popattanachai, a graduate of Columbia Law School and former president of Columbia's DeVinimus wine club.

We welcome you all to our growing network of MV Partakers (MVPs) and expand your knowledge not only about wine but also about life. Wine is more than drinking, wine is living.  

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