Instagram for Business Growth

Instagram for Business Growth

Instagram for Business Growth
Do less, Get more with Instagram 2016 !

If you think ‘Instagram’ could only share cool photos of your product and expected someone to just scroll through it, you’re making a big mistake!

Let’s start the new chapter of your business by using the New Instagram which you can do marketing plan in more scientific way. Meet ‘Instagram for Business Growth’ the intensive course by ‘Chris Tweten’, an experienced ‘Instagram growth-hacker, who has worked as marketing strategist with successful startups in many countries. Learn to rapidly grow your Instagram following, drive traffic to your website or App, generate sales and prepare for the future of Instagram!

Course Details

Date:       October 2, 2016
Time:       10.00 - 16.00
Location:  HUBBA-TO (Habito-mall, On-nut)

Price :      Early bird ticket   2,000 Baht (Until Sep 20th or as long as tickets last!)  
               Regular ticket      3,000 Baht

Course Outline

1. Introduction: What makes Instagram so powerful in 2016?
        Visual content on average collects 40 times more social engagement than any other form of content. Guess what social network is 100% visual content? Instagram. Combine this key factor with its monthly active userbase of 400 million and you’ll begin to understand just how strong of an effect the platform can have on your business.

2. Foundation: The Business Plan for Your Brand on Instagram 
        Before you get started with even planning out your content for Instagram, you need to lay out the framework for your brand and set some (difficult) measurable goals for follower growth, engagement and conversions. This section will show you how to track these results with actionable data sets so you will always know where you can be performing better.

3. Growth: How to Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following
There are 5 methods of achieving rapid growth in the current state of Instagram and I’ll show you exactly how I test and optimize these tactics over time. Some of them should seem quite obvious but without a structured approach, they will often fall flat.

4. Traffic: The Step by Step Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Website or App
        Your rapidly growing fanbase isn’t worth a dollar until you’re able to sway their actions and get them to visit your website or install your app. Massively popular brands on Instagram have already got this figured out, so we’ll reverse engineer what they’re doing step by step.

5. Sales: How to Convert Followers into Automated Traffic
        By this point, you understand the fundamentals of quick growth and how to bring fans to your product. Now the real question is: Can I make money? This section covers how to cater towards your Instagram audience.

6. Premonition: The Future of Instagram Marketing
        Instagram is a rapidly changing landscape – especially with the introduction of its algorithmic news feed and Instagram Stories. Luckily, both of these features are things I’ve conquered working with some of the best minds in Instagram marketing. We’ve uncovered some key patterns in the algorithm and have found ways to use Stories like a more powerful version of Snapchat.

About Instructor
" Chris Tweten "
a growth hacker who has worked with startups in Canada, China and Thailand:
- Started and managed 2 marketing agencies, one in Canada and one in China
- Experienced growth strategy for early stage startups
- Specialization in social media community behaviour


This event is in English.
- Refund will NOT be given in any circumstances.


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