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Meta Ventures Phuket

Meta Ventures Phuket

Join the leading digital art summit event in Thailand

Find out the latest news about the most dynamic projects and entrepreneurs in this sector.

Covering top-level content about current trends in Digital Art, Metaverse and crypto assets through speeches, and discussions, a wide range of industry experts and thought leaders will unite at the leading Asian MetaConference to share knowledge and new technologies with you.

The future of the metaverse is in our hands!

Don't lose your new unforgettable communication experience that will give you new knowledge on the crypto market and most likely - you will improve yourself and your business!

A unique cryptography conference will provide ideas and investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies around the world for crypto businessmen, traders and for everyone who is interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies in one way or another.

Cryptocurrency is formated not only by traders and market makers, but also by innovative projects and enterpeneurs. 

The cryptocurrency industry in Asia is rapidly developing, opening up huge opportunities for crypto companies. Everyone is trying to attract large investors and crypto traders to the region in order to increase the growth of the crypto business.Digital Art nowadays allows everyone to bring ideas to life for published materials, fantasy art, movies, games and production using the most diverse digital art software.

NFT is a combination of uniqueness and freedom of thought of the artist in one art. 

The Metaverse ia a trend that will unite the entire current scene of NFT and some cryptocurrencies, giving rise to a new global economy, a new way of working with crypto projects and communicating with other people.




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Exhibition and NFT gallery access

Age must be over 5 years old


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Access to the conference
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Access to the conference
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