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Festiverse Rave Night

Festiverse Rave Night

Get ready for one of the most awesome blowouts to hit Bangkok this October 30th! Hang out with some of the best VCs, Influencers and many other special guests in the blockchain universe. Our babelicious DJs will be spinning some of the best grooves right through the night. Imbibe, party & connect like never before at the Festiverse Rave Night.

See you guys there on Oct 30th, 2022 @ Sway Thonglor

Terms & Conditions for purchasing tickets

1. Unlimited number of ticket purchases
2. Sign up eventpop by email, How to sign up click here
3. Choose payment methods. You can find more details about the payment method by this following articles.
4. After the payment has been made, can not be change the type of ticket and can not be exchanged for cash and is non-refundable. (Non-refundable/ Non-upgradeable)
5. Ticket price excludes VAT, excludes convenient fee and payment fee
6. Bring your E-Ticket to exchange for a wristband at the entrance before entering the event.
7. The organizers will NOT be liable for any Tickets that was not purchased directly from the ticketing channels established by the organizers under any circumstance.
**Please do not show your Order E-Ticket / Confidential information to public. The organizer reserves the right not to provide any refunds or issue new tickets.

Rules of operation for participating in the event

1. Bring your E-Ticket QR Code / Reference Code to scan Check-in and exchange for a wristband Rave Night before entering the event and must wear wristband all the time
        - In the case of receiving a wristband by yourself > owner of the order - first and last name must match on the E-Ticket in order to receive a wristband for the entire table 
       - In the case of receives a wristband instead owner of the order > prepare the autorized letter for order comfirmation, On-site policy will only accept the original power of attorney.

2. Participants must be over 20 years of age on the day of the event, Bring your ID card, passport, or government-issued card to verify before entering the event
3. Do not bring weapons, sharp objects or drugs into the event
4. ATK test results must not present 2 lines and a negative ATK test result is A MUST REQUIRED to be able to attend the event. If the ATK test is positive the organizer reserves the right not to be able to enter the event, The organizer reserves the right not to be able to enter the event and not refund
5. must wear wristband all the time
6. All attendees must show ATK results within 24 hours before entering the event. It must consist of 3 things
  • A negative ATK test result
  • Show the date and time stamp on ATK test kit clearly
  • ID Card, passport, or government-issued card 

7. Organizer reserves the right to change. Edit activities details without prior notice

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* This event requires attendees to be at least 20 years old.

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