Maximize Your Brain Potential (2 Days Certification Program)

Maximize Your Brain Potential (2 Days Certification Program)

26 - 27 August, 2017 @ NOVOTEL Bangkok, Sukhumvit Soi 20

(09:00am to 04:30pm)

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ü   Scientifically Proven To Work

ü   How To Develop A Laser Sharp Memory

ü   How to teach Maximum Power Speed Reading.  

ü   Understanding How Your Brain Translates Text

ü   Power Tools For Increasing Your Reading Speed

ü   Emotional Intelligence Strategies Vital For Success. 

ü   Introduction To Advanced Reading & Learning Strategies

ü   Brain-based Learning Strategies For Maximizing Comprehension

ü   How To Integrate Your Strategies into Your Products And Services

ü   How To Cut Learning Time By 80% Using A Breakthrough Collaboration Strategy

Howard will teach you his revolutionary learning program used by many

Fortune 500 Companies in United States. 

Howard will increase your learning rate by 100% in a few short hours,

and share his strategies for integrating his techniques into a total

knowledge-management solution for your company


This program will upgrade your employees ability to process and use

essential information 100% faster resulting in higher productivity, 

greater innovation, and increased revenue.

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