An Authentic Experience of Space by Martin van der Linden

An Authentic Experience of Space by Martin van der Linden

An Authentic Experience of Space

What is the role of architecture, now that architects can build anything anywhere in any way imaginable? Isn’t it ironic that despite this unlimited design freedom our cities all start to look alike?

Cities worldwide are becoming a sea of glass-clad towers and malls with a few unusual looking buildings sticking out?   Maybe now it is time to shift the focus from the visual aspect of architecture to the experience of the space?

Martin will give three examples of his projects on three different scales of what he thinks an authentic experience of space is. A first project will show how urban design can affect the experience of the city. In a second project, Martin will explain how architecture can have a positive influence on the children of an afterschool facility he designed for a town destroyed by the 2011 tsunami in northern Japan. For the new Air France Airport Lounge in Suvarnabhumi which will open in August this year, Martin will present his ideas on the authenticity of space in a time of mass tourist travel. Finally, Martin will review of some working spaces that the and his team designed, showing the changing way that people use and experience the fast-changing work environments.

About Speaker

Martin van der Linden is a Dutch architect living and working in Japan. He was educated in the Netherlands, Japan, and the UK. He established his firm van der Architects in 2001. The company works on a range of projects from residential, corporate interiors to hospitality. Currently, the firm is working on projects in Japan, China, and Thailand.


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26 th July 2017
7-8 pm
@HUBBA-TO (Onnut 1/1)


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