SpeakPro Customer Service

SpeakPro Customer Service

28 March 2015 09:00 - 29 March 2015 17:00

Increase customer satisfaction and employee morale with the complete training program for perfect customer service calls. SpeakPro Customer Service provides your employees all the fundamental customer service skills they need to positively and professionally interact and communicate with customers — both internal and external. They’ll leave the program feeling upbeat, motivated, and ready to deliver first-class service.

This is a 2 Day course designed for up to 10-15 participants.

Key Objectives

  •  Appreciate How Customer Service Efforts Impact Company Profits
  •  Understand Internal and External Customer Service
  •  Prioritize and Focus on the Top Expectations of Customers
  •  Identify One’s Own Personality Style and the Personality Styles of Customers
  •  Apply Personality Knowledge for More Effectively with Customers
  •  Make Better Choices to Improve Attitude
  •  Develop a Personalized Strategy for Improving Listening Skills
  •  Choose Vocabulary that is Calming and Persuasive
  •  Refer to a Recovery System for Happy Customers
Topics Addressed

  •  The Roles in Providing Good Customer Services 
  •  The Accomplishments in Providing Good Customer Services
  •  Customer Service Contribution to the Success of the Company

               Step One :    Showing Customers You Care
                                           - Developing a customer-focused attitude
  •                            - Identifying customer soft needs and hard needs
                                - Building rapport with customer 

    Step Two :    Service Through Communication
                                - Effective communication
                                - Using positive language
                                - Using language the customer can understand 

    Step Three : Open the Dialogue / Call
                                 - Making a good impression
                                 - Transferring and putting the customer on hold 

    Step Four :   Diagnosing Customer Needs
                                - Identifying Soft needs & Hard needs
                                - Questioning to determine customer needs
                                - Honing your listening skills
                                - Confirming you understand 

    Step Five :    Responding to Customer Requests
                                 - Fulfilling customer requests
                                 - Showing value
                                 - Handling requests you can’t fulfill 

    Step Six :        Taming Challenging Customer / Calls
                                 - Maintaining poise with challenging customer /calls
                                 - Preventing challenges from escalating
                                 - Dealing with angry and upset customers

    Step Seven :   7 Steps to Service Problem Solving
                                  - 7 steps to service problem solving
                                  - Service Recovery Guide
                                  - Uncovering additional opportunities for service
Primary Result

Having completed this training course, employees will feel good about their roles in providing the good customer service and their accomplishments, feeing proud of their contribution to the success of the company. To create sustainable behavior change, this program includes the personal development plan, action plans, and coaching plan toward continuous improvement of service quality.


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