Global Day Of Code Retreat 2017 in Bangkok

18 November 2017 at 09:00 - 17:00
Day-long intensive pratice event for epic geeks

What Is a Code Retreat? 
Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from the pressures of 'getting things done', the coderetreat format has proven itself to be a highly effective means of skill improvement. Practicing the basic principles of modular and object-oriented design, developers can improve their ability to write code that minimizes the cost of change over time.

What is the structure of a Coderetreat? 
Problem: Conway's Game of Life
Length of Sessions: 45 minutes
Start Time: 11:00 AM
Each attendee should bring a laptop with at least one coding environment ready to work on the problem
Pair-programming is necessary, as the knowledge transfer contained in that activity is essential to the practice.
Use Test-Driven Development (TDD)
Swap pairs after each session
Delete code after each session
What will the day be like?

11:00-11:30: welcome, introductions, explanation of the problem
11:30-12:15: Session 1
12:15-12:30: retrospective, break
12:30-1:15: Session 2
1:15-1:30: retrospective, break
1:30-2:15: Session 3
2:15-2:30: retrospective, break
2:30-4:00: food, socializing
4:00-4:45: Session 4
4:45-5:00: retrospective, break
5:00-5:45: Session 5
5:45-6:00: retrospective, break
6:00-6:45: Session 6
6:45-7:00: retrospective, break
7:00-07:30: Closing Circle


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